Problem Solvers Hall of Shame


Problem Solver Hall of Shame (Business and individuals who have refused to fix problems)

Richard Gray and Big R Transmission and Auto Repair (see story)

Todd Smith and Massif Homeworks

Cora Bullock Opuiyo owner of Ashland Perpetual Care Cemetery in St. Joseph, MO (see story)

Kansas City Premium Roofing (see story)

Shape Construction and owner Rudolph Ludemann (see story)

Real estate website American Standard Online (see story)

Consignment shop operator Brenda Cole/Curvy Divas (see story)

Contractor, Roofer Alan McCluey

Michael “James” Hughes of Hughes Rightway Heating and Cooling (see story)

Alpha Locksmith and Manager Eyal Lugassi

James Okelly and Blue Springs Party Place

Mike Powell
Blue Springs Furniture Gallery

DJ James Ference

Wes Emert
Automotive parts dealer

Tony Moses
Handyman, contractor

Square Deal Auto, Kansas City, MO

Rams Transmission, Kansas City, Kansas

Steve Layman
Steve’s Fence (see the story)

Mark Fraley
Fraley Family Construction
Took a woman’s cash and never delivered the goods

Jeremy Huffman
Asphalt Professionals
Convicted of defrauding the elderly

Yosef Amitay
24-HOUR LOCKSMITH/ Dependable Locks

Stewart Wells
Auto supply dealer and mechanic

Tim Mead
Carpet salesman and tile layer

Garage Door Parts Express
online garage parts company

Four ACES Auto, also dba Four A Auto
Gary Rogers

Experiencing Imagination
Event planning company

Pinnacle Security

Premier Credit
Michael and Angela Eads

Ticket Quest
Steven Schonfeldt

DJ Electrify
Brian Adams

Window Depot USA
Michael Bridges

Dreamscope Wedding
Marty Grusznis

Jeff Hayes

Diet Max

XM Brands

Samantha Crowell Woolsey (see the story)

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  • Walter davis

    I am contacting you in regards to my recent move, because of termites in kansas city Missouri 64130 area. Me an my 2 cousins are young with low in come and 2 jobs and paying $550.00 in rent each month faithfully for months. One day we start seeing ants crawling around the floor In the bathroom. It got so bad we had too shut the door and couldnt take a bath for weeks. Our hot water didnt work for 2 months straight we had too us our electric stove too heat up the water and take wash ups out the sink in our kithen. Its just horrible because they thought we were so young that we wouldn’t notice these things but we did and moved out in a week. Now im having problems with the landlord contacting me back, they are saying my least wasnt up until Aug.2014 but I had termites. … can u please contact me back by phone at 8167729733 or by r mail… thanks and have a bless day.

  • Bethany Morrison

    Craigslist scammer. Peter Legaspi of Leawood, KS sold me a broken dishwasher on craigslist. He told me that it worked great and I’d have no problems with it. The moment I plugged it in it gave me 3 different error codes. My husband spent two days trying to fix it, but it never did work. We had already given Peter Legaspi $425.00 so we didn’t want to invest more money into the dishwasher trying to fix it. We had to go out and buy a new dishwasher. We tried calling, emailing, sending a demand letter, facebook messaging and he refuses to refund us our money. I hate that people get away with this type of unethical behavior. I think a story about this would help people be careful when purchasing things on craigslist so they don’t get scammed like me. We’d really just like our hard earned money back. He works for Mortgage Lenders of America in Overland Park, KS so make sure you don’t do business with him.

  • bobbie ward

    Beware Car Lot is a scam they screwed me.KC Car Emporium on merriam lane in kansas….a working mother of 8 out of 2100.00 plus full coverage insurance. They sold me a car that wasnt even safe to drive I have documents and text from the owner documenting everything. This place sold me a car that wasn’t close to safe needed lots of work please help im screwed talking to BBB and a consumer attorney