Pay It Forward Nomination Form

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOX 4 is Working for You with an uplifting series of stories. It’s called “Pay It Forward,” and we’re giving you the chance to help change someone’s life.
Each week, FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn shows us what happens when someone you don’t expect steps up at just the right time to make someone else’s life a little easier.

Kathy will venture out in Kansas City to surprise a viewer with $300.  But, you can’t give it to a family member. And, our cameras must be able to come along.

You’ll be amazed at the way you’ll feel when you help us “Pay It Forward.”  And, we all get to share in the excitement as FOX 4 shows you these moving stories. So, pay it forward and email us below to tell us who you think deserves the money. Then wait to see who FOX 4 surprises first!

NOTE: While every submission is received, we will only respond to those who have been chosen. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Denise Rainey

    Dr.Bean had to retire suddenly do to his health.I told him when he did what he did God would bless him. I am not God but it was put on my heart to submit him to pay it forward .I hope your heart is touched to help me pay it forward. The last time I seen him he incouraged me to take mamogram now I am doing chemo for breast cancer. Thank you an may God Bless You.

  • richard liberman jr

    i have been homeless 4 6months i shattered my right heel and fibula i have severe arthritis carpul tunnel and bad back been diagnosed w/deppression anxiety and ptss my friend dusty dewitt took me in going thru a divorce when he couldnt afford to owning a sm bussiness and would like to thank him somehow can u help

  • Danielle e

    Name: Danielle Estes
    Your Email Address:
    Who do you want to give the money to and tell us WHY?: Well I was here hoping someone could help me I am a single mom fighting stage 3 cervical cancer when i got sick i lost everything my job,car and house now me and my kids have been blessed with a home but we have nothing to put in it we need furniture beds,linen,dishes,pots,tvs etc we are now sleeping on bags of clothes I already have put my kids through alot seeing me ill everyday I just wanna make this house a home so they can have a good learning enviorment to study for school I dont wanna lose them they are all I got and we have no family here this is a cry for help I have tried donation centers but i have no transportation to pick up items if there is someone out there that can help please i am crying for help for the sake of my children.its already a tragic moment for us I am just tired of seeing them suffer because I am.please tell me there is a angel who will see this.. Thanks Danielle Estes 720-339-3595
    Your City: Kansas City,mo
    Your Phone Number: 720-339-3595
    Address where the giveaway would happenKansas City,MO 64132

    • Connie McDaniel

      Dear Danielle E. I am not sure exactly where you are located and how much my family could help out, but I know how your pain feels as my family is going through many hardships of our own. Though I Can’t solve my own troubles we may be able to help you. I have access to many items that would probably fill up your home, nothing really grand but all functional and in decent shape. As much as we need the money from selling these things, I believe in the gift of giving to those who need the help. And there is no amount of money that could replace what we may be able to do for you and your children. Please contact me to let me know the items you still need and hopefully we can make your Christmas Dreams come true for your family. I hope you are feeling better and have many smiles and happiness for the holidays, as I said if you still need help e-mail me and I will see what my family can do for you. Maybe in the end even though my own family is in need of so much, I found this site for a reason, to remind me that others still are out there worse then we are or at least with different needs then ours. Which like I said I could probably fill up a home for you with used items but they are all still in very good shape to help you get through till something better comes along. Take good care of yourself and your children. God Bless!

  • richard stewart

    My name is richardsteqwart and I would like to pay it forward to a very good friend of mine Mrs.Judy Kelly.she has done very thing for alit of people.thank for your time and concern..

  • Leslie Lowe

    I appreciate that a news station has committed themselves to making sure that they are putting “feel good” stories out on a consistent basis that show case what great Kansas Citians are doing here in our own back yard. Thanks FOX4 !!

  • Kathleen Graham

    Plz allow me and my nephew to pay it forward to Sensai Charles Boyce so he can keep helping these less fortune children who think things are hopeless Charles Boyce has a huge heart and deserves this . These children think the world of this man thank you,sincerely,Kathleen Graham

  • Mindy Williams

    Mindy again. I just realized that maybe the money is provided from myself and unfortunately, I do not have that kind of money to give her, I wish I did. If that is the case I apologize that I did not know that..

  • sharon

    I am at a dilemma here. There are two most deserving people to whom I’d like to pay it forward. They happen to work at the same facility so I’ll start with one and, maybe, I can, surprise the other…I hereby nominate Mr. Marlan Roberts who heads the Outreach TNR of Spay & Neuter-Kansas city located on the corner of 59th and Troost. Marlan goes out on a daily basis making sure pets pets kept outside are provided with food, water, fresh straw and/or hay..He oversees the TNR <= trap-neuter-and release program no matter the weather..I have even seen first hand Marlan with his crew in the dead of winter caring for the pets of the homeless, animals kept outdoors and pets of limited income owners get through the roughest of times..He organizes donations of food, toys, treats, blankets, litter pans, pooper scoopers and whatever else a pet owner may need to not only properly care for their fur babies, but also entertain them.. I have watched him tirelessly work for the good of the community to create better, albeit greatly improve living conditions for those who cannot speak for themselves, Ramona Hayes is his alter ego who works from the INSIDE of SNKC. . I will offer my reasons for HER blessing of being paid forward next week..Though I am blessed to be able to afford a private source of veterinary care for my own fur babies, i continue to use SNKC for their care just so I can keep the money within our community starting with SNKC. . .Thank you for your consideration. . . .Sharon Wallace…

    • sharon

      Sharon Wallace 816-216-1443…location for blessing to be administered …corner of 59th and Troost. I apologize because I’m unsure of the address. . .Their number is 816-353-0940, though. Again, I thank you for this consideration.