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  • nick sobieski

    I wrote you a letter pertaining to police brutality in Dearborn heights bc of accidentally inhalation of lead paint yesterday,I forgot a very important detail I have the lease from the rental property,the original the lead paint disclosure was never signed,nor was the property owner ever at the property she,Dorothy dombal of care management properties ,never stepped foot on the property the entire duration of my occupation ,we seen a for rent sign in the window and she had me meet her 45mins or so away I really don’t remember signing anything ,we payed her and she left the key under the over hang and never showed up for the inspection,I’m really at a dead end and I’m sorry to say you pretty much my only hope I tried asking the police but there obviously hiding something,my cell phone is 313 354 5811

  • Brandon

    Back in July of 2015 my daughters mom was arrested for possion. After she had been set up by people she kicked out of her house. And even showed her lawyer the text messages from the people stating that she would never see her kids agian. And the kids was taken into state custody. Both sets o f grandparents on their moms side and I have been fighting in court to have them placed with us. The judge has not allowed anyone any contact with the children. My youngest daughter was born Dec 8, 2015 in Vandaila MO while here mother was in DOC custody. The judge from Clinton County had ordered DFS from Clinton County to travel over three hours to place the baby in immediate state custody which I do believe is out of his jusadicton. The grandparents have filed a motion to intervine but the judge denied it. Now he is trying to terminate the parents rights so the grandparents have no leverage to get the kids. Both sets of grandparents have been approved by the state for placement but the judge is saying no. While the kids have been in state care they have been moved three differnt times. And one foster home even abused the two year old. I have notified my state agency but they are busy with other things first. We are needing help before its to late and more kids are lost to the system. This judge has been investagated before for destroying documents and questioning witness. whenever any ones lawyers try and question DFS or any one if its something he doesnt want to hear he abjects. This judge has gotten a major attitude with lawyers witness, he has also got information from other cases mixed in with this one. Not to mention his outside stress of life has effected his perfesional mantality as a judge. This judge has shown clear signs of only being on DFS side. The court date for my new born he said dna testing needed to be done and dfs had missed the date, but also said that when that is done he will start child support but no vistitations. I have never even been able see my new born daughter because of the the order he put in. And amitted at the last court date he ordered it but didnt sign it to here recently. I have two older kids that I am an active part of their lifes and have always been there for them I will do the same for my youngest and her three older sisters that are with her. i have found out they are trying to terminate my daughters moms rights and refuseing placement with anyone. And what else is bad the same judge that sentenced her is the same one in charge of the kids case.

    • Cindy bruce

      Number one pray. Dhs is notorious for purgury and other crimes. I caught them coercing witnesses and they were trying to terminate my daughters rights they lost. According to one attorney we were the only ones to win a termination case in forty years. God is the one we depended on and God exposed them. I investigated them and found evidence. You can request an infependent investigation at dhs. You can Aldo contact the omsbudsman office to file a complaint against dhs.

  • Korie Desautels

    BEWARE!!! Phillips 66 Carwash on Barry Road(across from AMC Theatre near Zona Rosa). This carwash did $1,400 of damage to my car, manager deleted my car from his video feed and said “my cameras are to protect ME, not YOU”. So I am left paying the bill even though there are current documentations of recent electrical repair to the carwash and as of today are cones blocking it to keep further customers from using it!!! No one wants to help me with this, so sad and disappointed in Phillips 66 !!! BEWARE, and avoid this carwash!!!

  • Takita Charles

    I recently looking for a house and due to inform ate situations I been searching and came across a number no one answered so I later get a message from a number that is fake requesting money threw mail I just want people to be aware of the fraud and to never give your information or send money to no one you don’t know.

  • Lorry Sharp

    I seen that Randolph no had hold on another lady licence and fox 4 helped… can u please help me? What can u do when a town has hold on ur licence for what i swore I paid but was years ago and can’t find receipt but now their closed and nobody answers or returns call….