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  • Jennifer

    Anyone have luck with the other stations, or are they the same??? Sent info to the days/week/s ago and same as all read above – NOTHING! Working with a Vietnam Vet, while seriously ill and in the VA hospital, crooked man representing himself as attorney and pedophile preacher stealing him blind, to point house is empty and crack pot attorney has it sold. Has POA – ONLY if incompetent, VA says not. Man will be released in few weeks and after working hard 50+ years to nothing – even sold his two cars – for scrap metal. This is happening now and nothing from these people… As others experiencing hardship, I’m sure you’ve learned all agencies out there “to help” after forms, waiting for call backs, etc… ONLY REFER OTHER AGENCIES that do the same thing! Even a form letter reply would be better than nothing at all from this station!

    • Nancy Hamm-Holiman

      Jennifer, if you really want something done…you go to a Politician!
      The #1 Want your Vote and are willing to do anything to get it!
      Call your Local offices for Claire McCaskill, as well as Emanual Cleaver.

  • Jeri

    I recently commented about a post bout a situation about a high school coach who played talent not money, situation not getting any better this coach built these boys showed them how to build muscle and showed discipline and respect, but guess some parents think there kids better than others, and think their kids should play in certain positions. Last I checkedthe coach runs the team not the parents, but guess when u use to buying what you want guess this is the result. Well now our team has suffered so this might make up for another upsetting season due to letting a coach go, the team who stuck through the hard practices and heat and discipline might not play next year due to the result. So now we have a town that is falling apart over people thinking money buys everything. So we will support coach wilson, so I hope the problem solvers can help.

    • Shanay

      I hope they help defend me after they made me look so bad on T. V. and in the paper. The reporter is obviously very bad at her job for not getting both sides of the story.

  • Christina Porter

    I am currently dealing with a slumlord and was dealing with one before moving into this home. I believe the foundation is off, I have a stove that comes on when it wants to, a refrigerator thats suppose to have ice make and water filter but the landlord said I have to find someone to hook it up myself. Im now bout to call Kansas Weatherization Program and let them come and perform an inspection.

  • Sandy

    Sorry to hear comments on slumlords! My situation opposite with awful renter! I rent pristine house and renter refuses to pay rent and refuses to leave. Forced to evict. Mike Dale doe this all over MO. Right now he’s in Lee’s Summit. Oh girlfriend same, Stacy Warren. DON’T rent to these people!

    • Nancy Hamm-Holiman

      Landlords…Landlords Inc! Pretty Simple, Cheap Membership/LifeSaver!
      I have been a Tenant as well as a Landlord/Landlourd= Protect Yourself!!!
      LLC=Huge Life SAVER!!!



  • joshua koch

    hii… I’ma 25yr old guy wanting Help with my job IF anythingcan be done!!! i have been working at (Happy Foods North) in Kansas City Kansas off of Leavonworthroad for 4 an a half years….. i wanted to ask for Help cuz they expect me to do jus bout everythingin the store exceptfor meat departmentan managerpositionof course, but heck I’m only a (Sacker) still after almost 5years still at $7.75 an have NOT had a Raise in 1 year n a half at the least…… i have a 3yr old son Named (Wyatt) that is DEAF an has cocular implants/hearing aids an a 6month old son named (Xavier)….. they dnt give Raises like they are supposed to (an thats a Law) i need Extra help so Maybe they’ll actually Realize they have a good worker ya can be Late to work but i.still show up NO matter wat…. Nothin bad but to me they make you (work your Butt off but Yet pay u much of nothing) i can’t deal with this an need the help cuz the Boss always says he’ll look into it but in the end (Nothin) turns out….. Plzzz help me i love the Job but they do Not pay wat they should be to ANY of the Sackers especially…. my name is Joshua an numberis (816)924-9946

    • Nunya Bzns

      joshua koch, You were looking for a job when you found this one, right? Well, get on the job hunt again!!! This job is, very obviously, a dead end for you. Try looking at the larger grocery chains now that you have some experience under your belt. If you can sack groceries, you can stock shelves. But do NOT gripe about your present employer to a prospective employer if you truly want the job! Good Luck!!!

  • Shannon Akins

    Has anyone had trouble with metcalf auto??? I purchased my car with them a little over a year and it has been in there shop at least 6 or 7 times!!! It is yet again broke down in front of my house and now there telling me at least a week and a half before they can even look at it!!!! Sumone help!!!!!

  • Rahmaad Nelson

    This is my second time emailing you guys I desperately need help with Aaron’s Furniture here located in Kansas city, ks. They have a serious bed bug issue and me and my wife need help? If someone could contact me A.S.A.P. Will give entire story no games at all, please contact me at 913-305-7344. Please and thank you. P.s. email address is all caps..

  • Gilbert Matson

    I worked for 4 days at mikes auto body in Belton mo and he said that he was not going to pay me because I was a felon. He never asked me, he found out after I filled out my w4 forms. Can you help

  • 123456

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  • Eric brown

    here one for all of us this will be you soon if we do not do something soon. I worked in Kansas city and live here for a long time I owned a little trucking comp and was hurt and disable for life. lost all and all most lost my life do to them they are write NOW trying to get way with the fraud on me and are federal courts I ben left to fiend for myself and do to my Brian injury and my body my arm to let not for get the too doctor’s that say im healed,butt im totally disable by all doctors for SSA.pemrmently for ever. not good. Im going to get all of I need help by letting pepploe know about this and hers there names this U.S.A. trucking inc et al and there counselors and there are from Tulsa ok. franden,woodard,farris,quillin@ goodnight bar #21400,,,and Samberg,johnson,bergman this are evil people. and need to be held a contable for there fraud on the Americas justice system ………Eric Brown…prove me wrong …….evil men……

  • Janet Willig

    Ive had time warner cable for 3 years and am switching to google fiber. TWC will not let me cancel! One week and 5 phone calls later and I’m still getting the run around! Also, they’re telling me things that they ‘heard’ from other customers, that are just plain lies and spouting them like they are the gosple truth-it tqles several weeks for google to come out on service calls, they won’t come out unless there’s more than one complaint in the area, they charge for service calls, they are not open 24 hours, they do not have the citys permission to install cable lines, I could go on with the lies they are telling just to keep customers.

  • Jessica

    Racereply”not “racisits”but they ‘ask'”What race you are?” but yet most of people can’not “answer”due to -they do not give us a “choice”But yet-We are liable to answer-or we cannot go on with the “app.” I feel that is not right-I feel all jobs “online-and off line should be the same!-

  • Kristy Case

    Now after calling the police on my landlord, Scott Cooper, because he barged into my house while I was outside and I told him to stop because my daughter was in there sleeping and he let the dog out. then he walked in the bathroom to see that the shower was running because it wont turn off he went and shut my water off completely!!! And the police said I will have to file a civil suit against him. Now I am stuck here for 2 more months which I have paid my rent up to then, with no water and no a/c!! Please help us??

  • glenda delaney

    Do not take you car to superior automotive on east 39th st they charge you for parts and labor for parts that were not replaced and left me stranded. Now my car wont start at all

  • Brent Tracy

    I asked for help with a problem with Overland Park Regional Medical Center weeks and never heard a thing. I suppose they received the request but I don’t know for sure. I thought I would at least get some acknowledgement of having submitted a proble.

  • Robert Simpson

    What do you want to tell the Problem Solvers about?: This issue is plain as day and i know many suffer it they just dont report, Here is what happened, After the storms came through 7/6/2015 along K-10 that caused my Mom’s Jeep to be blown off the road and totaled, The State Troopers came out and demanded the vehicle be moved on the spot after being rude to my Mother about it, He made rude remarks about damaged wires that go along the highway median. The Jeep was sitting there nearly 30 to 45 minutes after colliding, Left to sit, if there were injuries people could have died because how slow the response was, and when arriving instead of asking my Mom if she was ok he was rude and did not ask about her condition or well being, he was more worried about the median cables than my Mom or her Jeep. This has to change, The first responders need to be faster and the first responders are supposed to Protect and Serve, Neither happened last night. The other part of this issue is, The police called out a tow truck, When the tow truck arrived my mom asked the man numerous times how much it would cost to tow. She was low on money. The man told her, i dont know each time. Then tows the truck to her house and tells her it would cost 470 dollars+, When asked why he said when called out by the State Police there is a set 270 dollar minimum charge plus mileage. So then the guy after examining the Jeep sits and basically gave her a sales pitch why she should just let them take the Jeep back to their lot so they could keep it. My Mom asked him about the cost and if there is 270 minimum charge she should have been told that on the spot when she asked, They refused to give her any information when she was asking about the price and the guy was nice as could be until we got back to the house away from the presence of the police, When he got to her home with the Jeep on the tow truck he turned rude and basically made her feel pressured. The tow company has the Jeep at the moment and want to part it out, We need help fast or else this may be bad. The tow issue must be resolved fast, They baited and switched, Mom was asking the price on the scene of the accident and even though there is a set rate she was told that he did not know or have a guess what the price could run then basically gave her a sales pitch so that the tow company could keep the Jeep by putting pressure on her and being rude and confrontational when asked for clarification on matters. Please call me and discuss this with me as soon as you can, We are on a very big time crunch to look into this

  • Yulonda Anthony

    I will never shop at the Price Chopper located at 7600 state Avenue in Kansas City Kansas they are not friendly they are rude and they steal money off of disabled people’s food stamp card and then when you go to rectify the problem they tell you all the money will be back on your card but it never gets back on your card and you just lose your money and that’s not helpful for a person who is handicapped they can barely walk this on a fixed income and without transportation