Pictures: Adventures of ‘Prince’ and Other Cats

Posted on: 4:19 am, December 10, 2011, by , updated on: 07:13am, February 20, 2013

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  • Foster kittens play (terrorize house).

  • Bookstore cat. Really friendly.

  • Bird monitors the removal of carpet.

  • Jazz - "I ain't coming down until Prince is outside."

  • Jazz finds serenity in high places (away from Prince).

  • Jazz and Bird find a sanctuary away from Prince.

  • Someone call the fire department.

  • More snuggles!

  • Prince in his most natural position.

  • Stretch!

  • Zzzz.....

  • Prince is not modest.

  • Prince owns the couch. And the chair. And the bed.

  • Prince play-fights with his sister, Bird.

  • All packed with no place to go!

  • Prince takes a leap of faith as a young kitten.

  • Whiskers!

  • Pretty eyes!

  • Prince falls in love with his picture posted on TwitPic.

  • It's hard to work like this.

  • Snuggles!

  • Conked out.

  • Prince - king of distraction.

  • As a kitten, Prince was more like a Joey.

  • At times, Prince can warm your head.

  • Prince -- still a little awkward on his legs.

  • Prince plays with pearls.

  • Hank and HowHow - The cutest brothers in the word! Hank the ragdoll and Howie the bengal!

  • Lola likes to sit like a human!

  • Dinner?

  • Howie the bengal eyeing the Oreo truffles I made. (He eventually jumped on the counter. I realized this when I came back into the room and they weren't in a perfect line anymore!)

  • Buddha Kittehh

  • Best Buds

  • You first!

  • Beautiful Hank the ragdoll!

  • Mom, youz not gonna work today.

  • Daisy

  • Elf Cat

  • Computer Cat

  • Just Relaxing

  • Peek a boo!

  • High - 5!

  • Harley Quinn, our little chicken pot cat.

  • Just sunning

  • Mr. Boots

  • I am so full.

  • Snickers Chillin!

  • What goes on when I'm working.

  • Tiggy at her best. :)

  • Cat's got skills.

  • Bird Watchers

  • Chloe naping peeking our of a coat.

  • Sleeping babies

  • Mr. Moe Harley Cat

  • Sabastian

  • Baxter wants me to pay attention to him and not Facebook.

  • Milo

  • You!

  • My kitten Chevy. We found her at a Chevy dealership. We got her insted of the Chevy.

  • Chillaxin.

  • Dog bed?

  • Anything for a string.

  • Max & Truman as kittens.

  • Betty White getting ready for Christmas!

  • The Honorable Johnny Cash

  • Kitkat waiting for lunch.

  • What's up!?!

  • My beautiful Snickers

  • Billie loves windows!!!

  • just trying to stay warm

  • Cool Cat (Tippy)

  • The love the lap!!

  • Good morning, I\'m cute, it\'s time for food!

  • Socks always trying to get the fish

  • Hazel smiling

  • Two darlings we rescued 3 weeks ago!

  • had to be tucked in to the baby bed

  • She is spotted like the ocicat

  • Chillin

  • I hate bath time!

  • my Gertie girl!

  • Older cat my mom/sister no longer want

  • Milo begging

  • Honey needs a home :)

  • Tiger from Midlothia, Illinois

  • tiger from Midlothian, illinois


  • Honey? WHAT have you been feeding Popoki?

  • sleepy cat

  • Neiko

  • Caught! Oliver and TB.

  • Tiger from Midlothian, Illinois

Who doesn’t love pictures of cute cats? If you have your own, feel free to add them to this photo gallery and share it with your friends.

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