How Would You Rank The Year?

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IF, and that’s a biggie over the weekend, but IF I have time, I’m thinking of putting together a Top 4 list of the most significant weather events/stories for the KC Area-Region. This list will be more localized so as a result the devastating tornados in Joplin or St Louis wouldn’t be included in our list.

So I’ve thought of a Top 4 and now I’m in the process of deciding what order they should be ranked. I have my thoughts, but I thought I’d ask your opinion as well and see if we’re on the same page with this…

So here are my finalists for you to rank in no particular order…you can do this via the comments section at the end of this blog or via the Facebook fan pages for Nightside and Morning News. Thanks for your opinion…results over the weekend!

April 3rd Hailstorm..this mostly affected the south part of the metro…from Johnson County, KS through Southern Jackson County, MO. Hundreds of homes were damaged (mostly roofs and windows) with damages exceeding $100 Million (my estimate). This was one of the biggest hailstorms, (damage wise) to hit the metro.

The devastating Flooding that struck N MO especially. While for KCMO this wasn’t that bad, areas up to the north along the MO River really got hit. The river took months to go back in it’s banks and hundreds of homes were destroyed or damaged.

The Sedalia Tornado. This EF2 tornado (with winds of up to 135 MPH) struck the south part of Sedalia destroying about 65 homes and injuring 25 people. There were funnel clouds reported around KC that day as well, including some brief tornado touchdowns that did little to no damage.

Winter Weather…from January through February we had close to 35″ of snowfall. It was one of our snowiest and including the period from DEC-MAR was the 2nd snowiest on record for KC. it was the 4th Snowiest JAN and the 4th Snowiest FEB!

So go ahead and rank them…I’m curious to see your thoughts!


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