Neighbors say Their Dogs were Killed on Purpose

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PAOLA, Kan. -- Max is alive and healthy with a soft coat recently dyed orange just for fun.

"The moment we saw him it was just love at first sight," Eric Thomas said of his dog.

"He's my furry little son," said Allison Hamm of her dog.

Allison Hamm and her fiance Eric Thomas almost lost this family member at the end of November.

"We had a feeling it was antifreeze poisoning," Allison said.

Max was let out on a short lead in his yard, when he was let back in side, Max was acting strange, and in a matter of hours, he got worse.  Allison and Eric took Max to the vet where their suspicions were confirmed.  Max was poisoned with antifreeze.  It was devastating news for the animal lovers.

"I was just irate and sad and so many things all at once," Thomas said.

They knew Max wouldn't have long.  Allison made an appointment to put Max down and cremate him the next day.

Even Trinity, their daughter, got a goodbye kiss from Max.

"I still like look back on that picture and I just think, oh how close we came to losing him," Thomas said.

Max survived, but a dog two houses up didn't.

"She just was straggling around like she was drunk or something," Lori Harbison said.

Lori Harbison's daughter's dog, Teagan, ran across the street one day for a few minutes and came back acting strangely.  Teagan died shortly after that and days later, so did another neighbor's dog.  Both apparently had antifreeze poisoning.  Lori even found a bucket full of antifreeze with bread inside nearby and called police.

"They said they couldn't do anything here in town," Harbison explained.

Paola police say they've had one report of a dog mysteriously dying, but they say antifreeze wasn't the cause.

They say that's the only specific report they've received.  They urge people to contact them if they suspect their pet has been poisoned.

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