Schools Crack Down on Prom Dress Codes


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — High schools across the country are cracking down on prom dress codes. Dresses that are short, sheer and those with plunging necklines or revealing rib cages are out — much to the relief of wary fathers.

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The trend to wear such saucy gowns may come from the television show “Dancing with the Stars” and the provocative clothes worn on Hollywood’s red carpet, according to the Washington Post.

One high school located outside Oklahoma City, reportedly has a prom dress code 12 pages long. And boys have rules too. For example, they can’t wear sneakers and must keep their shirts on all night long.

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While finding appropriate attire for this year’s prom may prove difficult for some, it’s not impossible. And school officials know if kids want to come, they’ll abide by the rules — or be sent home. A survey by Visa Inc. said the average family spent $807 on prom in 2011, including the cost of clothing, transportation, tickets and pictures.






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