Will This March Be The Warmest Ever?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A couple of weeks ago we were still way off the pace, some 3 degrees away from the record back in 1910. So here we sit just 3/10’s of a degree away from tying the record and 4/10’s of a degree away from breaking it. Can it happen? With highs in the 80s today and morning lows starting in the upper 50s it’s very possible that we can at least tie the record set back over 100 years ago. It’s really been a phenomenal run of warmth for the region. Check out the highs/lows/average and departures from averages for the month through yesterday. Click on that graphic to make it larger. The last column represents the departure from average. Note that we’ve only had 2 days below average and that was only by 1° We had 11 days with temperatures at least 20° above average, including today.

+++++5PM Update…by my calculations we’ve indeed broken the record for the WARMEST MARCH in our weather history. Our average temperature for the month is now up to 58.4° including today’s high and low. The record going back to 1910 is 58.3°. So now we’re part of history! I’ll be blogging more about this tomorrow…+++++

That’s pretty darn impressive. As we start the month of April, we’ll be knocking on a record of 91° set back in 1940. We probably won’t get there, but it may get close. Monday’s record is 87°, that record is in jeopardy depending on the timing of our next front and whether or not we have cloud cover ahead of the front. Speaking of records, check out this map that highlights many of the records set across the region so far this month.

We’re not alone with the heat. I think I read somewhere where Chicago, IL could be -50° today and still have their warmest March ever. Check out how much of the Midwest is so darn warm!

There are some bulls-eyes of some 17° above average across the upper Midwest!

Speaking of that cold front, in a continued what the heck is going on with the weather theme, this front may actually come through dry, or somewhat dry, We’ll be capped ahead of the front, hence few if any storms are likely ahead of the front itself or along the front. I thought we’d be setting ourselves up for rain on Tuesday, but it appears, based on the new data in today, that yesterday’s EURO may have had the right idea. It looks like the storm will be keeping the region mostly dry through Tuesday with the soon to be cut off low meandering across the TX Panhandle and the western Pains  area eventually weakening as it moves through the area sometime WED/THU.and NOT moving through or south of the KC area. so there may be some showers int eh region on TUE but the better chance of rain is now WED into WED night. I’ll need to figure out the temperatures because with us being drier on TUE we may also be much warmer although we should be pretty cloudy on Tuesday. I may need to bump the highs up to the upper 60s or so on TUE.

Well that’s about it for today…time to mow!


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