HUGE Storm Back East & Quiet Here

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Well it turned into a somewhat frosty start to the weekend around these parts, not unusual at all for this time of the year and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did it again on MON AM around the region.

Temperatures are now bouncing upwards and will eventually finish the day in the 65-70° range. There are quite a bit of clouds scooting across N MO right now, but for our area skies will generally be mostly sunny for the rest of the afternoon.

Another weak push of cool air will move into the area later tonight. The wind shift now is across the Plains states and will push through this evening although aloft the cooler air won’t arrive till early tomorrow AM. The only issue for the forecast tomorrow is that there may be a batch of clouds developing during the day, knocking highs down a few degrees in the PM tomorrow…60-65° or so.

It’s fascinating to me that this energy will merge with another chunk of energy near the Gulf coast and turn into a massive NE storm that threatens heavy, much needed rainfall for that area, and potentially a big snow dump on the western and SWestern part of the storm system that may create some big problems for Western PA and W NY with 6-12″ of snowfall. Here is a look at the two areas that will eventually congeal into a big storm that will slowly left through the eastern part of the US.

The snow should explode across that area later Sunday night into Monday AM. The concern at this point is that with the trees full of leaves and the combination of the heavy snow on top of the trees that could create a scenario where the limbs could down on top of the power lines. There was a VERY similar system going back to April 2-3 in 2005 that created close to 8″ of snowfall in Buffalo with upwards of 2 feet of snow in some areas. There is actually more moisture available for this storm as opposed to the one 7 years ago. The difference is that the trees were in a different state back then than they are in now. There is potential for this storm to become something historic for that region, but a LOT of things have to happen perfectly for that to happen.

What’s interesting to me is that this storm may be considered a bookend to what happened during the middle of last fall when this region was struck by the Halloween storm system that created flooding rainfall and piles of heavy snow farther east towards the CT and New England area. This part of the country also did not have any real winter of noteworthiness.

For us, this whole thing actually means dry weather for this area. Our next chance of anything of noteworthiness would be later WED or THU, as a front slides in from the north and northeast. There will be chilly air behind this thing and we’ll need to watch this next airmass and where the core of the chilliest air goes later in the week.


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