Knob Noster Eighth Grader Gets Special Prom

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KNOB NOSTER, Mo. -- Less than two years ago, 8th grader Ceaira Walker was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

The cancer was in stage four, and the prognosis wasn't good. Now, Ceaira's made the choice to stop treatment and just live like a teenager starting with prom.

Big paper flowers in purple and pink are just starting to take over Leesha Dunkeson's art classroom.

It's part of Leesha's job this week to transform Knob Noster's Middle School cafeteria into a magical prom scene. It's all for Ceaira Walker, a quiet, sweet 15-year-old whose battling stage four brain cancer.

"Very, very kind to everyone; very quiet in class until she's very comfortable with you," her teacher Heather Smith said about Ceaira.

"Ceaira has all the qualities that we as parents all hope our children will possess," Assistant Principal, Andrew Gibb said.

Ceaira told a friend she doesn't want to miss her high school prom. In a matter of hours, a prom just for Ceaira was planned by her teachers. The theme:  Never give up.

"She's so young and she's going through something that most adults don't even go through," said Kyleigh Whitfield.

Kyleigh Whitfield, a photographer, is giving Ceaira a glam photo shoot.

"Anything that can make her feel like a kid and get her really excited for something, I think was really important," Whitfield said.

Teresa Azbill will do her nails and a salon called Artistic Cuts will do her hair to make Caeira feel like royalty.

Knob Noster Middle School created an award to honor Ceaira, called the Ceaira Walker Award. It will go to her this year, and in the future, it will be given to any student who shows courage in trying times. Ceaira's prom will be on Monday.

More information to help Caeira’s special prom: Still wanted: snacks, punch, monetary donations, bubbles, prayers. To donate money contact the Community Bank in Knob Noster, Mo. to the Caeira Walker Fund.

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