Algae Warning Issued at Kansas Park

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A problem is growing at a Johnson County lake. Now, health officials are sending out an alert for not only humans but also pets.

Blue green algae is creating the problem. The algae has hidden dangers that have health officials concerned. Signs are posted at South Lake Park warning people about the dangers lurking in the water. The park is located just west of 87th & Metcalf.

The health department says no people or pets should drink the water. If you fish there, you should only consume the filet portion and if you or your pet come in contact with the water, you need to rinse with clean water. People who visited the park on Saturday say the signs are not big enough or close enough to the water.

“Honestly, I would have read the signs myself, but my husband saw them,” said Loren Hankley, park visitor. “If there is algae or something in the water, we have kids. We would think someone would want to know about it.”

As for the cause of the problem, the health department says that the warmer weather and less rain this spring created the problem. That is why most lakes around Kansas will be monitored in case a problem turns up.

In 2011, 45 lakes were under the advisory.

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