Former Army Sergeant Searching for His Service Dog

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There are few bonds as strong as a man and his dog, and when the two go through combat together, the bond grows even stronger.

That's why former soldier Logan Black is desperately trying to get his service dog, Diego, back.

Logan says both he and Diego have P.T.S.D., and Logan feels the best way to help both of them is to lean on each other.

"He's just a big block-headed yellow lab, you know, he's pretty similar to me," Logan Black joked about his buddy, Diego.

Logan Black's last two years in the U.S. Army were spent with his best friend, Diego. One year was spent in intense training, the other year they found explosives in Iraq.

"My most frightening experiences in combat weren't when I thought I was in trouble, it was when I thought Diego had been hurt," Black said solemnly.

The stress took its toll on both.

"When I had him, his P.T.S.D. would manifest in uncontrollable shakes, and hyperventillating," Black explained. "I was always able to get him keyed back up and playing because our bond was that strong."

The two were so close, they even shared a bed until Diego sprawled out over the whole thing.

"Somewhere out there, there's a combat photographer who took a photo of us on a patrol where Diego is sleeping on a cot and I'm sleeping on the floor."

In 2007, Logan decided to leave the military, which meant leaving Diego.

"Leaving Diego behind, though, was probably the hardest thing I've ever done," he said tearfully. "Leaving a best friend who had saved my life multiple times over in Iraq."

In 2008, Diego was declared mission-incapable due to his P.T.S.D.

"He was too afraid of loud noises, and was sold to the T.S.A.," Black said.

Logan desperately wants his comrade to be back in his care to help them both recover from emotional scars of war.

"I think he's done his service," Black stated. "They have hundreds of dogs that can do this job, I have one dog that I need in my life."

He says right now, Diego's really all he needs.

"If you put $50,000 behind door number one and Diego behind door number two, it's going to be Diego every single time."

To find out more about Logan's search for Diego, click here.

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