Curlers Hope Olympics Draws Attention to the Sport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Dozens of teams are competing for the top curling title in Kansas City. About 26 teams took part in the 9th annual Open KC Barbecue Bonspiel this weekend. The object of curling is to get as many of your teams stones or rocks into the rings as you can. The game is played one ice and there are four players on a team. Each has a role once the stone is thrown.

"The people with the brooms are doing two things one they are allowing the rock to travel further and kind of guiding the rock to where the skip, the team captain wants to go and also the sweeping will straighten out a rock that is curling too much," said KC Curling Club President Chris Nazar.

Some say it's not a difficult game to play, but it's a difficult game to master. Toni Stagliano is from St. Paul, Minnesota. She says she's been curling all of her life and her father was a Canadian Curling champion.

"What you must have more than anything is balance," she said. "That's an important thing on the ice! It is. It's a very important thing on the ice, but we have special shoes with grippers on them so the shoe don't cause you to slip."

The curlers say Curling is a sport played by the young and the young at heart. They just wish more people throughout the country would take part. It's a popular sport up north and now it's picking up in popularity across the U.S. Current players are hoping the Winter Olympics will give the sport a boost.

"We've got the 2014 Olympics coming up and the last time we had the winter Olympics we would have sometimes 30,40 sometimes 50 people coming out to do the learn to curl and the sport got a lot of play," said local curler David Huston. "On t-v and we'll see the same thing starting the summer of 2013."

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