Latest Drought Report

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It’s actually turning into an interesting afternoon as cooler air streaming into the region has created a deck of stratus clouds that is affecting areas on the northside of KC, where temperatures, as of this writing, are still in the 70s. KCI is @ 78° and St Joe is at 74° both down a degree. Here is a look at the latest satellite picture showing the clouds on the northside…

The clouds will thin out again later today, IF you have them now, and we may actually see our “official” high occur sometime around 5 or 6PM or so.

Meanwhile, while not as extreme on the southside, highs are again going to be in the 90s as Sedalia is @ 87° and Clinton is @ 90° as of 1PM.

No real big need to talk about the events from yesterday. If you want to see who got the rain and who didn’t, check out this table of rainfall information from the NWS.

The other story of the day is the drought as the latest drought monitor was released this
AM. for those who follow us on twitter @ fox4wx, you got a quick look at this information within minutes of it’s release. The data is still looking bad for most of the region. Yesterday’s rain is not included in the report, but it’s effects on most of the region would be little if any. Here is a look at the report for the KC area.

The biggest take away from this is the development and expansion of the “exceptional” drought category through the south side of the area, now including Cass, Miami, Bates and Linn Counties. As you can tell from the following map on the MO side…the conditions continue to deteriorate.

On the KS side, it’s just about as grim with Franklin and Anderson counties now included in the exceptional drought (the worst category if you will).

The forecast is not very optimistic for rainfall. We’ll need to watch for a quick hitting system on Sunday evening that may produce a quick surge of heat (near 100° gain?) before we see a wind shift move on through Sunday night.

the forecast is being updated to reflect that change and the slightly less hot weather moving in on Monday.


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