How Did The Drought Develop?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

If you watched a couple of my weathercasts on Tuesday and Wednesday, you may remember that I spent some time putting together some graphics showing how the drought got worse and worse as the year has progressed. You may not remember this but we were actually nicely above normal for precipitation through March…and then we weren’t.

Here is the way the year has played out….all data is for KCI (official measurement for KC)

Month-Monthly deficit-Yearly deficit

January: .06″…-1.01″…-1.01″
February: 3.13″…+1.67″…+.66″
March: 4.56″…+2.19″…+2.85″
April: 1.93″…-1.77″…+1.08″
May: 1.00″…-4.23″…-3.15″
June: 2.46″…-2.77″…-5.92″
July: .49″…-3.96″…-9.88″
August: 2.83″…-1.86″…-11.77″
September: 2.89″…-1.32″…-13.06″

So it goes…more opportunities wasted. Areas south of KC as talked about did nicely with the rainfall, but from the metro northwards, again another miss.

With that as a background, and since Thursday is drought monitor day, let’s get into the latest data for MO and KS.

On the MO side there has been little to no change. The heavy rain from the last couple of days to the south of the metro, is NOT included in this data…expected a further chipping away at the drought in Bates county and points east towards the Lakes nest Thursday.

On the KS side, there has been some beneficial rain through the wheat belt but this weeks report is also unchanged compared to last week…no better and no worse.

Another state that is being hit hard is Nebraska. Look how much of the state is under “exceptional” drought!

Almost 75% of the state is in the worst category when it comes to the nasty drought.

In case you’re curious the latest models are not optimistic that we’ll get much relief for the next 10 days. Here is the latest EURO showing the totals through 10/

Just for comparison the early AM GFS model has this forecast for essentially the same time frame.

Not encouraging :(


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