What’s Your Favorite Part of Fall?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The leaves are turning, the days are cooler…I can’t deny it any longer fall is here. Many people love this time of year, for me it means winter is next, and I’m not a big fan of cold, snowy weather.

However, there’s one part of fall I absolutely love. Apples! I mean a really love apples, I have one maybe two everyday, year round. Don’t like them baked, in food, applesauce, or cider…just a regular juicy apple. This time of year the variety is fantastic, taste is  exceptional and prices are even better. Recently I discovered Jazz apples, oh my gosh…these are delicious!  They are my new fave. In fact they’ve knocked honey crisp down to number two.

Because I do love apples so much..and they can be expensive, I decided to plant my own apple trees.  I planted a honey crisp and red delicious about three years ago at my sister and brother-in-law’s home. They nurtured the two trees through some harsh conditions and then earlier this summer my sister reported seeing some small apple buds on the trees.We were going to have apples this year! We were so excited after waiting several years.

Over the next few weeks, the buds got a little bigger, our excitement grew, my mouth started watering…and I wasn’t alone. One day, my sister noticed a deer poking his head through the fencing surrounding a tree and biting off my apples! She quickly shooed him away. However the next day, he must have brought back all of his buddies. Not only did they eat everyone one of my apples, they decimated a peach tree and blackberry bush!

Hope for a fall apple harvest were dashed. Disappointment set in. My love for woodland creatures slightly diminished.  Now, we’ll have to wait a year for our next apple crop. Until then, I’m sure there are woodland animals rubbing their tummies, spitting out apple seeds as the juice runs down their chins. You’re welcome!

So, what’s you’re favorite part about fall?

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