Service Helping People Who Can’t Get Behind the Wheel

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We're quickly approaching the holidays, a time of celebration and unfortunately, drinking and driving. A program called "Johnny's Arrive Alive" got its start around the holidays, taking people home for free so they wouldn't drive home drunk.

The founder started it after a loved one was killed by a drunk driver.

But now the program isn't just for the holidays anymore - it's year round, offering free rides home to anyone who had too much to drink, any time of day, any day of the week. And now the program is expanding even more.

In 2010 police arrested 1.4 million drunk drivers in the United States. Troy Roberts just got one this year.

"It's had a huge impact on me as far as I lost my drivers license, I was revoked for a year, can't drive anywhere at all," Roberts says, "if you do it's a violation of probation and then you go back to jail."

Roberts says he's working hard to get his life back together now. He's got a job with Beaver Lumber, and he's going to all his court dates and AA meetings, which is tough when you can't drive.

But Johnny's Arrive Alive is helping him out. Roberts pays a low cost flat rate.

"If you can pay a little at the first of the week and then the end of the week he will work with you that way," says Roberts, "or if you need to wait until the end of the week when you get paid he'll work with you."

Another customer, Matt Campos, didn't have a DWI, he just doesn't have a car.

"My most recent job laid off in January so it's been hard to save money," Campos says.

He has a temp job now but since it's not on the bus line he needed a ride. Johnny's Arrive Alive is helping him out too.

"If you have the money to pay upfront it's okay, if you don't he'll wait until your pay day," says Campos, "so that really really helps out. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them."

Driver Brian Stubler says he's glad to help out people who are just in a tough spot.

"When people have troubles and they need to get to where they're going, or if they have a DUI and need to make it to court, it's a good altruistic thing to do to help out, makes me feel good," he says.

Roberts and Campos both say it's nice not having to rely constantly on friends or family for a ride. Roberts thinks it will help him change his life.

"They're trying to help people get through the trouble they're in and put their life back together," he says.

Johnny's Arrive Alive gives free rides for people who've had too much to drink is always free, and can sometimes bring another driver to take your car home for you that night, or if you call before noon the next day, the service will take you back to you car, also for free.

The ride services program offers rides to people for a flat rate, which will be determined before they pick you up.

For more information, call Johnny's Arrive Alive at (816) 389-9461

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  • Victoria Mcclure

    You need to speak with people that have used him or driven for him. There are lots that have been ripped off because of your news report on him.
    I would love to hear back as his man has ruined my Christmas which was not good to start with.

  • Tim Brockman

    Well my wife and I both work for Johnny and have for 9 1/2 months and have never had a problem with his services. If you do your job, its a great and entertaining experience to be apart of.
    Now your trying to blame channel 4 for your Christmas woes?
    I’ve never met you but I know Johnny so good luck to you in 2014