Thunderstorms rolling through metro

Fans Fly Banners Over Arrowhead, Ask for Pioli to be Fired

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After getting thoroughly beaten by the Oakland Raiders (26-16 on Sunday) the Chiefs have to fly to San Diego, their bodies and egos bruised, and find a way to turn the season around.

Before the game on Sunday, flew two banners over Arrowhead stadium. The first said, “Return Hope, Fire Pioli” while the second banner read, “Blackout Arrowhead 11/18,” — that’s the Chiefs’ next home game, when they play the Cincinnati Bengals.

On Sunday’s game against the Raiders, things went bad from the start.

Brady Quinn struggled under center and ended up getting hurt in the first quarter with a possible concussion, so Matt Cassell, who was booed the last time he played at Arrowhead, came onto the field and tried to rally the Chiefs. He provided a little bit of a spark, but they could not get the running game going.

Leading rusher Jamaal Charles only had 4 total yards, while Cassel led all Chiefs rushers with 35 yards.

It was that kind of game. What’s more, the Chiefs have not had the lead for a single minute this season. The last time an NFL team went seven games without having a lead was 1940.

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The Chiefs managed to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter, the first time in the past 12 quarters they’ve found the endzone. said if Pioli is fired, they will donate the rest of the money they’ve collected to the Boys and Girls club of Kansas City.

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