Problem Solvers: Man with Cancer Gets Help Fixing Furnace

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In just the last two weeks, a 70 year-old Kansas City man discovered he has terminal cancer and only months left to live. Then his furnace quit working.

Since he's living on a fixed income, he couldn't afford to call a repair man. But the kindness and concern of friends and neighbors, plus a big-hearted heating and cooling company owner, stepped in to make this a problem solved.

For the last five days or so, Don Webber has been keeping warm at night cuddling with his dog, piling up the blankets, and firing up his gas burners and stove, which is actually pretty dangerous.

"But i ain't got too much of a choice, you know?" says Webber.

Webber says he's living on Social Security and doesn't have the money to have the furnace fixed. His friends and neighbors couldn't stand to see him going through this. After all, it was just about 10 days ago Webber got heartbreaking news

"I had surgery done here on my neck and they diagnosed it as cancer," he says.

It was stage four cancer in both his lungs and throat. Webber starts chemo on Friday, but the doctor's aren't optimistic. Friends and neighbors have been pitching in with things like walking his dog and cooking and cleaning. But there was still the problem of that non-working furnace, until a friend got in touch with Blue Heating and Cooling. It didn't take much convincing for owner Dustin Lundberg to come to the rescue for free.

"Makes me feel grateful, I feel blessed," says Webber.

Lundberg says he felt compelled to help when he heard the story, even though he had no idea Fox 4 would be shining a bright light in his face and putting him on tv. It took him less than 20 minutes to fix the problem.

"It was real easy, just needed some regular maintenance, clear the orifice in it and clean the burners and she works," says Lundberg.

Bringing warmth into Webber's home, and his heart.

"I thank him, thank you Dustin," says Webber, "he said if I have any more problems just call him."

"It's making me kind of teary eyed," says Lundberg, "I didn't expect the news camera here at all so, I'm glad to help him out."

Blue Heating and Cooling and Webber's kind and caring friends are now honorary FOX 4 Problem Solvers.

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