Man Caught on Home Video Stealing Political Signs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Caught on camera -- a metro man said he recorded someone stealing his political signs in Overland Park, but claims police won't investigate.

Scott Perkins said he didn't bother calling police the first few times his signs were stolen. But 20 signs later, he set up a video camera and caught the crook in action.

"It's been about six weeks, we've been fighting this battle," he said.

The day Perkins caught the bandit on camera, Perkins is seen running out to confront him.

"I did mention to him that it was freedom of speech for me to have those signs there," he said. "That didn't seem to affect him at all."

According to Perkins, the thief claimed the signs were on Shannon Valley property and that Perkins couldn't post his signs on it. Perkins called police, but said he didn't get the response he was expecting.

"They're just so many of them stolen," Perkins said. "The kids take them and so forth." Perkins added that police told him they don't take reports on political signs being stolen.

The Overland Park Police Department disputed that claim, saying they do investigate stolen political signs when they're on private property, but the officer in this case said she couldn't tell if it was private property or a public right away because it's right next to Antioch Road, and in Overland Park, political signs aren't allowed on public right of ways.

FOX 4's Rob Low visited the home of the suspected thief. His wife refused to answer the door. However, Perkins got his last two signs back after telling the man he was going to the media if the signs didn't reappear.

"I go out this morning to take the trash out and there's the signs laying out on the sidewalk out in front of my house," Perkins said.

That's a better outcome than his neighbor down the street. She drew a sad face on homemade poster board after someone "borrowed" her Barack Obama sign.

"I think they borrowed it because it's such a rare sign to see around here," said Nancy Trussell.

Fortunately for Trussell and Perkins -- and everyone else who's signs have been taken -- it'll all be over on Tuesday.

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