Akin vs. McCaskill

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ST. LOUIS -- On Tuesday, 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 33 seats in the U.S. Senate were up for grabs, and both sides were hoping for a shift in power that will help them accomplish their very different strategies for our nation.

Currently, Republicans hold the majority in the House of Representatives, while the Senate is tipped in favor of the Democrats, 53-47. Despite the majority, it isn't quite big enough for Democrats to actually control the Senate.

Both sides covet a 60-seat super majority in the Senate. Tuesday night, Republicans looked likely to pick up seats in the Senate, but gaining the majority will be difficult.

There are many close Senate races-- among them-- the Missouri Senate seat currently held by Democrat Claire McCaskill.

You Decide 2012 Election Coverage

Rep. Todd Akin is in a contentious race with McCaskill. Shortly after the primary, Akin made a remark about "legitimate rape" that had his fellow Republicans calling for him to step out of the race.

But he refused to quit and is attempting to beat the odds and McCaskill for a seat in the Senate.

Click here for election results on FOX 4.

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