LIVE BLOG: Election Night Analysis

Posted on: 5:21 pm, November 6, 2012, by and , updated on: 09:59pm, November 6, 2012

You Decide

It’s finally election day, and FOX 4 is Working for You with the latest election news and results, along with analysis from Democratic consultant Jason Grill of JGrill Media and GOP consultant Annie Presley of the Bryan Cave Law Firm.

Click here to keep track of all the latest returns – from the race for President down to local ballot issues and races – from

The polls in Kansas and Missouri close at 7:00 p.m.

Check below for the latest updates from Jason and Annie.

Annie Presley November 6, 20129:21 pm

Democrats will maintain the Senate. Governing will be tough.

Annie Presley November 6, 20129:19 pm

For Romney to win he must take NC, VA, OH (waiting on Northern Canadiens to come in), NV and Florida. looks like he will lose Florida….only waiting on Miami which will be Obama all the way. I’m not very hopeful.

Jason Grill November 6, 20129:12 pm

There is no real way for Romney to win this thing.

Jason Grill November 6, 20129:03 pm

McCaskill race is now over. She is going back to #DC. She won Platte County, MO 52 % to 40 %. Repub suburb of #KC. #MoSen #Election2012

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:58 pm

Claire wins Platte County by 6 percent. Race over.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:56 pm

Romney is on life support right now…

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:54 pm

Jason Kander Democrat 160,635 46.1%
Shane Schoeller Republican 174,659 50.2%

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:44 pm

With Penn & Wis going Obama, all he needs now is Ohio and Nevada or Iowa. Still has shot in Fl, Nc, Co, Vir. Game almost over. #Election2012

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:40 pm

Tobacco tax is losing. Are you surprised?

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:39 pm

Obama now won all of Romney’s home states, MA, CA, MI, and NH.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:38 pm

Paul Ryan did nothing for this ticket.

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:35 pm

we need a big turnout in OHIO in the suburbs….

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:24 pm

OBama up 8 in Colorado.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:22 pm

VA: Good news for Mitt in Chesapeake, military-heavy tidewater city: 55-43 Mitt. Was Obama +2 in ’08.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:21 pm

14 more states close at 9 pm

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:17 pm

Fox News just called Penn for Obama.

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:16 pm

If provisional ballots needed to determine outcome in Ohio…they don’t count them for another 10 days!!

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:14 pm

No Republican has ever been elected President without winning Ohio….Krauthammer says Romney can win without Ohio, but must win EVERY OTHER battleground state.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:13 pm

Obama is going to win Ohio.

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:12 pm

Rove’s 3-2-1 plan is working…need VA and OH to get this done.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:11 pm

50 to 50 Romney/Obama in Florida

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:10 pm

Also Koster…Decent numbers for Kander so far.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:10 pm

Nixon, McCaskill winning in Platte County

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:07 pm

Republicans keep the House. Senate will stay Dem….

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:06 pm

McCaskill – Clay County: up 55-43 percent over Akin

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:04 pm

Obama is Annie.

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:04 pm

not loving exit polls…

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:04 pm

Exit polls show 48 to 48 in Colorado.

Jason Grill November 6, 20128:00 pm

Kansas to Romney…What took so long?

Annie Presley November 6, 20128:00 pm

still so slow with the MO numbers. holy cow….

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:59 pm

What happened to Paul Ryan?

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:58 pm

Montee and Kander and Zweifel races neck and neck

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:56 pm

We pretty much now that Nixon and Koster will be back in Jeff City. Big Leads.

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:53 pm

the suspense is killing me! it’s agony!

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:53 pm

Koster…former Republican…doing well in Republican counties.

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:53 pm

not so fast Jason, if R loses Florida he has to run the table in all other battleground states….can still win, but a lot harder.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:52 pm

If Obama wins Florida…Game. Set. Match.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:52 pm

62 percent in for Florida…Obama up 50 – 49

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:50 pm

Jay Nixon up 2 in MO right now…Obama down 25

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:46 pm

Susan Montee Democrat 3,557 44.1%
Peter Kinder Republican 4,040 50.1%

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:46 pm

Jason Kander Democrat 3,654 46.2%
Shane Schoeller Republican 3,867 48.9%

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:46 pm

Everything looks as expected for Romney…except FL is light….need that panhandle vote to come on in!

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:45 pm

Claire McCaskill Democrat 4,215 51.7%
Todd Akin Republican 3,417 42.0%

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:45 pm

14 precincts in now and Claire is winning

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:41 pm

No swing states called yet.

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:40 pm

Missouri slow to report. McCaskill aides predict that voters won’t finish in STL and KC until 8 ish….giant turn out.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:38 pm

3 precincts in.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:37 pm

Claire McCaskill Democrat 1,261 43.2%
Todd Akin Republican 1,501 51.4%

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:36 pm

We are back!

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:17 pm

on tv.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:17 pm

Going to do a cut – in now. Be RB

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:16 pm

Missouri results just rolling in.

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:15 pm

Rove’s 3-2-1 plan may very well work…Romney picks up Indiana.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:15 pm

Romney has to win Florida Annie.

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:13 pm

Fl dead heat….all bodes well for Romney.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:11 pm

1.8 million people early voters in Ohio.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:10 pm

Things looking good early for Obama in Ohio.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:08 pm

If Obama wins Virginia…think this thing is for all purposes over early.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:05 pm

Two races to watch in Missouri are SOS and Lt. Gov. These should be somewhat close.

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:04 pm

The President is going to win tonight Annie.

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:02 pm

Be careful with these Exit Poll folks….very tricky!

Jason Grill November 6, 20127:01 pm

Good to see you Annie. Excited to break down these results.

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:01 pm

Also Kinder and Koster!

Annie Presley November 6, 20127:00 pm

Here we go Jason! I still say Romney, Nixon, McCaskill, Schoeller and Zweifel.

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