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Much Needed Rain…Not So Much The Cold

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

If nothing else, and I think we’re missing those 70s already, the rain was a welcome facet to this major weather change in the KC area. Doppler estimates indicate that widespread 1 1/4″-2″ totals moved through the region. This is a bit more than I thought we’d get on a widespread basis, but nobody is complaining. The rain as of this writing is moving off towards the east of the metro and now we’ll focus on the colder air that has moved in. Here is a look at the doppler estimates as far as rainfall goes.

As far as ground truth goes…here is a breakdown from north of the I-70 corridor first…

to the Southside…

This was our best most widespread rain since the remnants of Isaac moved through the region on 8/31-9/1. It’s been 9 weeks since we’ve had such widespread beneficial rainfall!

There were a few ice pellets and snowflakes out there as well but most did not get that. Reports from the Northland as well as Piper and Olathe as well as parts of the N MO area around St Joe. I’m sure there were a few others too.

When we put this day in the record books however, despite the chilliness…it will turn into a mild day overall. Why because 10 years from now when we forget that the temperature dropped some 30° in a couple of hours…we’ll see that the high for the day was a whooping 69° at KCI! That occurred at Midnight. It’s been an impressive drop though. Click on the next graphic to see the fast drop in the temperatures!

Here is the latest surface map showing the advancing cold air moving through the eastern Plains states…note also the 32° line, which has now pushed through parts of KC.

This will be the end of the active weather for the next 5+ days. So the week overall is looking quiet with a slow moderation in temperatures expected. Readings should approach 60° later in the workweek.

IF you’re a Chiefs fan…take note. The same frontal boundary pushing through MO today will be heading towards W PA tomorrow. The timing is right for the football game tomorrow night, so the potential is there for a WET Monday Night Football game in Pittsburgh. While no severe weather is expected some thunderstorms in the rain is not out of the question.

Here are some interesting weather stats…nationwide, this is the coldest day so far this fall. Williston, SD had 8″ of snow yesterday exceeding their ENTIRE snowfall from last winter! St Louis yesterday hit 81° for their 25th record high of the year. That would be 8% of all their daily highs in 2012…or 1 out of every 8 days so far!

Nationwide, this system created some good snows across the NW Plains and the Big Sky Country. Take a look at snow on the ground as of this AM.

I was curious to see how this compares to how things were going one year ago, as this plays a minor role in my Winter Forecast on the 20th on FOX 4 News @ 9PM. Take a look. Certainly more snow than last year!

As a matter of fact, the snowcover is doubled from year to year across the Continental US. This sort of helps me a bit concerning temperatures, although to be honest it’s a MINOR facet in my thinking. Just for curiosity…take a look at where we were back on this date in 2009…you remember that winter right? We had 44.3″ of snow!

We have 10 TIMES more snowcover now than in 2009! That’s pretty cool but there is no correlation to what this means for the winter to come. The only thing I’m interested in, and probably moreso in December than now is the amount of snow on the ground, because that can influence temperatures depending on how deep it is and whether or not we add to the snowcover during the month in the Plains states.

By the way…IF weather trends continue, aside from a weak system sometime next weekend that may give us a little rain, there is really nothing significant heading this way, perhaps till well after Thanksgiving. The east coast may have some holiday issues but here in the Midwest not much is showing up.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!


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