Apps to Know: Self-Destructing Photos, Save Coupon to Smartphones

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LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — On this edition of Apps to Know, we’re showing you ways to save money and send self-destructing pictures to your friends. Some of the prices might change since many new apps have launch deals.

Save some money with an app that helps you clip coupons! SnipSnap turns paper coupons digital so they’re always with you. Use the app to discover what others are clipping, too. The trick is finding retailers that accept the digital copies; users can share whether it worked or not.

Another app with a snap–Snapchat. This app lets you send your friends self-destructing pictures. It’s popular on iPhone and just made its way to Android.

Your friends get ten seconds or less to look at your picture. After that, it’s gone forever–well, kind of. Fast fingers could take a screenshot so be wary. Snapchat users are sending 20 million snaps a day–of what? We’re not sure.

For a more lasting impression, check out Mixel. It’s one of the easiest ways ever to make great photo collages.

Fine tuning your creation is really easy. Plus, you can choose from an ever-growing selection of cool styles. In a few clicks, share your Mixel on all of your social networks. The app just added the ability to turn your collage into a real postcard you can send to a real mailbox to a real person, for a real dollar.

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Finally, Guessomania is a new quiz app that asks you all kinds of fun questions like “how many people are born every minute?”

You and a friend guess the answer and whoever’s closest wins points. You can even learn some stuff from the app, like the fact that people have been saying “OMG” for nearly a hundred years.

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