Plaza Lighting Ceremony and Plaza Lights

plaza lights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  The 83rd Annual KCP&L Plaza Lighting Ceremony was a big hit Thanksgiving Night (November 22, 2012) thanks to the great weather and an All-Star lineup!

Matt Besler, Kei Kamara and Jimmy Nielsen of Sporting KC earned the honor to countdown the lights coming on at 6:50 p.m.

The ceremony was held at a new Plaza location – on Nichols Road & Pennsylvania near Brio Tuscan Grille and Burberry; the stage was located on Nichols Road, just west of Pennsylvania to allow for more crowd room and better views of the stage.

The KCP&L Plaza Lights shine daily from 5pm to 3am, Thanksgiving through Sunday, January 13, 2013.

Follow the KCP&L Plaza Lights on Facebook and Twitter all season long to stay connected with Plaza Lighting Ceremony details, holiday trivia, contests and promotions.

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