Missouri to See New Style of Drivers Licenses

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

drivers licensePress Release

To enhance security and reduce the risk of fraud, the Missouri Department of Revenue has begun issuing new driver licenses and nondriver identification cards. Over all, there will be three major changes.

First, people who are issued the new style licenses will initially receive a temporary paper license to use while the new one is being produced. They may also keep their old licenses, which will be punched “VOID.” The temporary license has the same identifying information and photo that will be on the permanent license and may be used like a regular license until the permanent one is received. On the temporary license, you will see the state seal and the word “TEMPORARY” printed in temperature-sensitive ink that fades with exposure to warmth. If you run your hand on the document, the blue ink fades to white and then returns to blue as the ink cools. The temporary license will also include an expiration date.

Second, the new, permanent license will have security features such as a laser perforation (holding the license up to a light will reveal the state abbreviation “MO”) and special printing that reacts to a black light. The background will be different from the old license. The person’s picture will be in a new spot. There will be color-coded headers to indicate the type of license. Some things — such as the organ donor and veteran logos — remain the same on the new license.

Third, the permanent license for persons who are under 21 will be produced in a vertical format. But their licenses will contain all the same information and security features as those issued to persons 21 and over.

Of course, you will continue to see unexpired licenses in the old format. As with prior license design changes, people are not required to get a new license until their old one expires — unexpired, old-format licenses will remain valid. But you will see more and more of the new-format licenses in the next several years.

For more information, visit the Department’s web site at dor.mo.gov/drivers

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