Families Get Cars for Christmas

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Twenty people are now holding in their hands the keys to a car, given to them thanks to a special program called “Cars for Christmas.”

The families qualified for the cars because they have a special need, and Christmas is the right time to meet it.

Just last week, Cars for Christmas received 800 requests. Terry Franz, the official “Car Santa” organizes the charitable giveaway and reads all of the requests. He works with KC Elilite Napa Auto Care, which helps to get the cars ready, making any necessary repairs.

FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn was a Harrah’s Casino, where the car giveaway happened Friday morning.

Among the recipients was Amber Taylor, whose story FOX 4 told last week. She posted a picture of herself on facebook and it went viral. The picture was taken in the hospital and showed her beaten up. She accused her boyfriend of battering her.

In addition to the cars, gifts were presented to the families from other organizations. Whole Foods donated groceries, The Safety Council offered child safety seats, Farmland gave out Christmas hams, Tide supplied laundry products, and Hands to Hearts brought toys for the kids.

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  • Anthony Black

    I saw that they had a Christmas car giveaway, i was wondering how i could get a car. I have chronic disease called sickle cell aniemia ss. Cant stand long i cant sit long i need a way to get back and forth to the hospital if you guys can help me , I would be very gracious

  • April Holland

    Hi i seen on tv u were giving cars out for Christmas and i was wondering how to receivE one. I am a single mom of three kids, yes i work. But i barely make it. I have to move hotel to hotel. I pray to god things are going to get better can u help me fox 4 news??? Please! !!