Twinkies Set To Make Comeback Under New Owners


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — That’s either the sound of the internet rejoicing or your stomach growling, but iconic Twinkies are set to make a comeback in 2013.

Hostess told a bankruptcy court late last week they’ve narrowed down the bids of prospective buyers. It could also mean a separate company would own the Wonder Bread and Devil Dogs brands, the Daily Mail reported.

There’s still no word when the tasty treats could return to store shelves — although it seems even more likely now.

Hostess, which is based in Texas, has had potential buyers range from what they call “major packaged food companies,” to big-box retailers, even supermarkets.

As of Friday, the company had just 1,100 employees.

Twinkies’ old parent company, Hostess, raked in around $2.3 billion annually — even as sales have declined over past years.

READ MORE from the UK’s Daily Mail.

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