Rape Suspect Foretells Death on Facebook Moments Before Being Shot, Killed by Police

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Mich. — A rape suspect foretold his death on Facebook moments before being shot and killed by police in the early morning hours on Thursday, Jan. 17.

Eric Lee, 30, was suspected of kidnapping and raping a Central Michigan University student Wednesday night. Prior to the shooting, Lee posted, “Well folkes im about to get shot. Peace,” on Facebook using a mobile device.






According to Mashable, the post was verified by comparing his profile picture and other personal information with a police mug shot and information from local media.

Ramsey reportedly had a lengthy criminal history including assault and destruction of police property. On Wednesday around 9:30 p.m., Crawford County police said he forced a female CMU student at gunpoint to drive his Ford Escape off campus to a home where he bound and raped her. The woman told police after Ramsey made her get back into his vehicle, he retrieved two gas cans and put them in the car. The woman said Ramsey told her he was going to kill her. The woman then jumped from the vehicle and ran to a home where people let her in and locked the doors.

According to the Morning Sun, Ramsey followed behind and started a small fire at the home using the gas cans he put in his vehicle. Ramsey fled the area and one of the residents quickly extinguish the fire.

Police were notified and later found Ramsey’s car in a neighboring county where he had rammed it into a state trooper’s car. Police said Ramsey then drove the victim’s car into a field, ran away and stole a sanitation truck, which he drove back into Crawford County. He then used the sanitation truck to ram a sheriff’s deputy car head-on. The deputy of the car got out of his vehicle, approached the sanitation truck and fired shots into the cab, killing Ramsey.

State police continue to investigate the shooting.

[Sources: Mashable, Morning Sun]

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