3 Horses Stolen in Raytown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Stealing horses was probably common in the 1800s, but not present day Raytown.

Police are trying to figure out who stole three horses from the Raytown Equestrain Park on Jan. 9.

The horse stable boards about 35 horses, but only the three horses belonging to Diana Douglas were stolen.

"They had to know who our horses were and you know who they belonged to because no other horses were taken," said Douglas.

The three horses are "J.J." a Black Gelding Tennessee Walker, "Lovely" a Black Mare standard breed and "Sapphire" a greyish-white mare Quarter Horse. All were members of the Earth Riders Saddle Club, which won first place at the America Royal parade the past two years.

The stable's owner, Neal Clevenger, believes the thief was likely another boarder because the fence wasn't compromised and the lock on the gate wasn't broken.

"There's a number of boarders in the back pasture and they all have keys," said Clevenger.

He added it had to be someone who knew Douglas and which horses were hers,  "Somebody that evidently knew her business because I don't know which 3 horses are hers, neither does my help," said Clevenger.

Douglas agrees this was not a random theft but insists she has no idea who would target her or why, "that's what I can't believe because I don't anybody that I'm aware of that I pissed off."

If you can help Raytown Police, call 816-737-2060.

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