Metro’s First All-Women American Legion Post Takes Step Forward

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- On the heels of the Pentagon's announcement that women will now serve alongside men along the front lines in combat, the metro area's first all-women American Legion post elected their first group of officers.

On Thursday, 10 women were sworn in to lead American Legion Heartland Women Veterans Post 1107 in Independence. The women say that they want to reach out to and help their comrades and make a difference in the lives of all veterans.

"We tried twice as hard to get where we were," said Marcia German, the Post's new Senior Vice Commander and an Army Veteran. Nearly two million women in the United States are veterans of the Armed Forces and the American Legion says 6,000 of those women live right here in Kansas City.

"Men and women get along. We coexist. But there's things that women can't do with men," said Christina Parker, a Navy veteran and the Vice Commander of Post 1107.

Now these women have a place here in the metro to call their own.

"This is home. This is where Im meant to be," said Danielle Edwards, the Post's Chaplain and veteran of the Air Force.

For the members of Post 1107, it's a chance to make a difference. Since the post opened, membership has already doubled, and the group hopes that the election of officers ceremony held on Thursday will help the post to grow even more.

"This is a chance for female veterans to get together and swap stories or spit as they say in the Navy," said Parker.

"It means a lot of responsibility. It means being a part of something special," German said.

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