Confession: I’ve never licked my cat, nor eaten its hair like this woman does

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I have three cats. I’m usually hesitant to admit that because I have a reputation to keep, and “crazy cat lady” is not it.

That being said — for this story — I feel like full disclosure is in order. So, I fully admit, I have three furry, felines that rule my home. They are indoor/outdoor cats, so it’s like being a butler to three very chatty, indecisive dirt bags. I mean that, literally. They can get dirty.

But I digress.

I love my cats. I do. I love to cuddle and snuggle and take pictures of them when they do something ridiculous, which is about every day. (They even have their own Instagram account. Tweet me if you want the link.) However, as much as I love my cats, I’ve never once felt the need to lick them. Nor could I ever imagine eating their hair. EVER.

Related: Adventure’s of Prince and Other Cats — (Prince is one of my cats.)

But that’s exactly what one woman does. Lisa from Detroit says licking her cat like a fuzzy lollipop is a bonding experience. She claims she’s never licked the cat’s paws or butt (as if we wondered!), so it’s not that weird. She’s featured on TLC’s My Strange Addiction — an episode I have not intention of watching. :)

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