Charges shine more light on teen handcuffed case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Prosecutors filed charges Tuesday in connection to the case that left a teenager handcuffed to a pole in a Northland basement.

David Martin, 42, and his wife, Pamela Martin, 41, were charged in Clay County for one count of felonious restraint and child abuse each in connection with the case. Martin is the boy's father.

Bond has been set at $50,000, although specifics about the bond were not immediately available.

According to court documents, the teen said he was only allowed to shower once a month. He said he once weighed 130 pounds, but now weighed 103.

The boy's father reported the teen as being "out of control" and could not afford prescribed medications for the boy, court documents said. Martin said he was the only person who pamela martin, david martinhandcuffed and released the boy -- saying he "ran out of solutions to help him."

The boy's stepmother, Pamela, said the teen was "verbally abusive" towards her and said the boy was a "psycopath" suffering from bipolar disorder. She claimed they used handcuffs so the boy could not leave the home or "sneak food," court documents stated.

The 17-year-old boy was removed from his father’s home a week ago after a neighbor alerted the Division of Family Services that he was being held in “permanent jail” in the basement of his Northland home.

According to the police report, he was “very thin for his height. His face was sunken in on the sides and his eyes had a look of desperation.” In describing the conditions further, the officer reporting the incident said in the police report:

“He was shivering and he said he was very cold. He continuously asked for his jacket and shoes. He had only a few thin blankets to lay on and to cover up with as he slept on the cold concrete floor.

The boy told investigators he had been down there since Sept. 27 when he says his father took him out of school and locked him in the basement.

According to a juvenile officer, during interviews, Martin said the boy had only been in the basement for three weeks.

The boy’s biological mother lives in Missouri.

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