KCMO tows cars to make way for plows

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS City, Mo. -- The City of Kansas City, Mo., began towing vehicles parked along streets beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday due to a State of Emergency issued in anticipation of heavy snowfall.

It's places like this one along 40th and Bell the city says are the problem areas -- narrow roads with cars parked on both sides, which is a nightmare for city crews trying to clear the snow.

For days, city crews have been working around the clock to clear the roads after last week's winter storm.

"Go home.  Go to bed and get up to do it again," said Lynn Flecther, a snow plow driver.

But for Fletcher, and so many other drivers, getting some of the side streets cleared is a big problem.

"It makes our job harder to get down streets when cars are on the street," Fletcher said.

On Sunday, emergency crews hit the streets to see what exactly the city would be dealing with and hoping residents would be able to help them out.

"Those streets that they can't get their fire apparatus down will be the areas that will start doing the targeted towing tomorrow morning beginning at 9, so we are ready for this next storm event," said Troy Schulte, Kansas City's city manager.

The city is asking anyone living on a north-south street to either get your car off the road completely or move it to the west side of the street.

If your street runs east and west, move your vehicle to the north side of the road.

"If we can get the cars off the streets or to one side of the road, we can plow the side streets one more time and  get the snow pushed back so there is room for another 12 inches," Schulte explained. "We have not towed that many cars at this point. We are going to step it up if we can't get thru these roads or thru the streets. We don't want to tow vehicles.  It's a lot easier  to have them take of their cars themselves."

And now with another blast of cold weather and snow headed this way again, the city is hoping this time around you will help them out before the second round of snow strikes. Read more about the city's plan to tow here.

"The cars are gone right here.  It makes it easier for us to hit these streets," Schulte said.

The city says there are hundreds of roads throughout the metro like the problem areas they showed us today. Problem areas they said would like to get into tonight and tomorrow morning and get them cleaned up.

Last week's snow storm came with a pretty hefty price tag. According to the city, it cost $2 million. And the city says the next storm could be just as expensive.

The cost has to do with everything from manpower to supplies and even towing vehicles away.  So far, the city says they have only had to tow about 100, but that could change tomorrow.

The good news is about the city's salt supplies. A quiet winter last year means the city has already well-stocked up for this season.  In fact, they are using the salt they purchased for the 2011-2012 season.

Stay with FOX4KC.com for the latest weather updates.

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