Missouri, Kansas prepare for next storm; what you can to do be ready

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With round two of snow on its way, Missouri Department of Transportation trucks are in their fifth day of operating 24-hours a day. They have at least a few more grueling shifts to go.

Sunday's sunny day task was to push the old snow out to make way for the new.

The sunshine was glistening off melting snow made Thursday's storm see like a bad dream. But with 8 to 12 more inches of snow on the way, it's about to become a recurring nightmare.

"We've seen it a lot of years, said MODOT's Wess Murray.  "Usually it's a 2 to 3 day event. The sun comes out. This has been unusual something we haven't see for a long time."

MODOT plows aided by crews from other parts of the Show-Me-State are using the calm before the storm to push the remaining snow back.

"Our main worry is the amount we are getting and a place to go with it," Murray said.

Murray also urges drivers to prepare for the storm.

"Have a coat or blanket in the car in case you get into a situation where you are stuck in it for an extended period of time," he said.

And if you get in a situation where you have to abandon your vehicle, like so many drivers did last Thursday, be sure to call to get it towed out of harm's way so MODOT doesn't have to tow it.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has asked motorists to stay off the roads during the next snow storm.

"This storm may be worse than the last one," he said. "This storm has the potential to be more dangerous than last week's storm because of the wind projections associated with it, likely to make driving very dangerous in some areas of the state with white-out conditions and possibly affect power lines."

For information on emergency preparedness for your home and travel, visit ksready.gov.

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