Stormy feelings about KCMO’s unplowed streets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Four days after the metro's last snow storm, some people are complaining their neighborhoods have not been plowed.

The city acknowledges not all streets have been plowed.

FOX 4 News shows you a neighborhood where there's confusion on whether or not the street have been cleared.

According to the city's website, 100 percent of the primary roads have been cleared. The city says 75 percent of residential streets are cleared.

However, there are several neighborhood throughout the city that are left with snow-packed roads making it difficult for motorists to navigate.

In the Hunter's Glen addition in the Northland, the snow covered roads have residents on North Windsor Avenue are mad, so mad that they was to put some heat on the city to
get their neighborhood plowed.

"Just people driving up and down the streets is the only reason anybody can even move on the road here," Matt Denison told FOX 4 News.

"Normally you have to fly out of your driveway as fast as you can to get over the snow drift to see if you can slide into some tracks to possibly get up the hill... it's crazy."

Randy Cline says what's really crazy is the city's website showing his street was plowed after a bulk pick up trash truck drove by.

"I could see our neighborhood showing it was being plowed," he explained.  "I spoke with them and they said due to the fact that trash trucks had been out that there was GPS in it and it was showing that our neighborhood plowed even though they didn't plow it."

City Manager Troy Schulte told FOX 4 News that's impossible, because trash pick up is done by a contractor, whose GPS data would not show up on the city's website.

People who live on the street say this isn't the first time their neighborhood hasn't been plowed.

The city says often streets go unplowed, because parked cars prevent snow plow operators from doing their jobs safely.

"I couldn't go to work on Friday.  It was a complete mess," said resident Jerry Zach.  "

Nobody had touched anything and yesterday I was trying to get out to go to work for a few hours and I was even having trouble getting our of my driveway getting stuck."

Rance Walls says he doesn't understand why his cul-de-sac in the Brookridge neighborhood is still covered in snow, while a cul-de-sac right around the corner is completely clear.

"There maybe city workers over there who are emergency personal who have to get to their jobs and maybe they know that but there are city workers in that cul-de-sac and none in this cul-de-sac," Walls said.  "I just think maybe they're taking care of their own."

If you need to submit a service request or report a problem to the city of Kansas City, Missouri, you're urged to call the 311 Action Center.

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