Joe’s Wx Blog: Snow Reports So Far

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Obviously this will be another “fluid” or maybe I should say “flakey” blog as I’ll be adding to the information throughout the day, but here is some good news, I don’t have to post too many model graphics for you to look at so there’s that I guess.

The snow has been coming down fast and furious since before midnight. With temperatures though  near to above freezing there was a tremendous amount of melting going on the pavement and even on the ground. I could swear that as I was driving to our hotel for the night, the snow that was coming down pretty good was actually even melting on the snow! Weird. The way I could tell it was melting was the darker snow areas from the dirt and road stuff, weren’t even getting white for the longest time with a thin covering of snow. Strange indeed.

So far through the metro the forecast is working out very nicely. A broad range of 5-8″ snows has fallen so far and we should pick up an additional 1-3″ or so for the rest of the AM hours into early this afternoon as the snow rates really start to drop off as the storm starts to pull farther away from the region. The heaviest snow has, as expected, been towards the SE of the metro. Harrisonville, MO is up to 10″ and Pleasant Hill is closing in on that as well. Macon, MO is up to 11″ as well.

ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 26 07.55

Here is a closer view of the metro snow reports since about 4:30 this AM…keep in mind some of the numbers are outdated, especially IF those reports were from 4-5AM as the snow was really starting to accumulate.

ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 26 07.56

The weight of the snow is compacting the snow down so it will be tough to truly get an good accurate idea of how much snow actually fell. In other words if you measure the snow this afternoon it may have squeezed down 1-2″. The best way is to clear out a spot now…then measure the new snow in a few hours then add those totals together.

This is also a heavy, wet snow and is sticking to everything. That will make the kids happy, the still photographers joyous and the power employees very nervous. Already about 50K customers are without power per KCPL and Westar and with all the smaller co-ops out there that number I’m sure is even higher through the viewing area. The heavy wet snow combined with the 25-40 MPH winds have down power lines and taken some trees/branches as well creating power outages.

The storm is starting to look a bit more ragged but is still throwing moisture our way and will do so for another 6 hours or so in terms of accumulating snowfall. Take a look at the storm on satellite and you can see the moisture being flung back towards western MO.

Now the need to talk about another weaker storm that will pull through and sort of get absorbed by our current storm off towards the east of here. It’s located now in the Rockies and will slide our way overnight into WED AM creating some more snow since the atmosphere will be rather moist.

Some areas may end up with an additional 1-2″ or so from this weak wave overnight and tomorrow AM.

I’ll get a model map up later this AM if I have the chance. I’ll be doing the noon show today and we’ll have Michelle here as well…

Have a great day and IF you can enjoy the snow and take some pictures!


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