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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The misuse of a back-up generator is being blamed for the carbon monoxide death of a sister and brother in Kansas City, Kan.on Tuesday.

According to police, Alice Oropeza, 69, and Nick Oropeza, 58, were found inside a home Tuesday evening near North 51st Street and Georgia Avenue.

Police were called to the scene after a family member grew concerned they hadn't heard from the pair.

Emergency crews took readings inside the home where carbon monoxide levels were "dangerously high." A generator was also running in the basement garage of the home with all the doors and windows closed, officials said.

"It was attached to extention cords leading up to the living area," said Chief Craig Duke with the Kansas City, Kan. Fire Department. "No windows or doors were opened. It was totally enclosed."

Experts say generators should be kept at least 20 feet from your house. Carbon monoxide levels get dangerous at 15 parts per million but the upstairs where the siblings were found, tested at 600 parts per million.

"A lot of people will put them in their garage, shut their door and that's a huge no-no," said Alan Jeffries, manager of a Home Depot.

"Alice was one of the nicest people in the whole neighborhood,"  said Evelyn McKinney, a neighbor. "It was astonishing because her brother always works with car and you would think that he knew."

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