PICTURES: Snow and ice weigh down trees and power lines

Posted on: 7:21 am, February 26, 2013, by , updated on: 01:40pm, February 28, 2013

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  • 2-26 wet snow buildup

  • My backyard.....looking bad.

  • SKC...Missing Trees?

  • Can you spot the difference between two pictures?

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • Ward Parkway at 72nd Street looking South

  • Backyard near Johnson County Executive Airport

  • My neighbors house suffered damage to back of house when Cedar Tree section split off because of weight of snow during the morning of 2-26-13. Deck, TV satelite dishes, and awning over door were damaged.

  • Courtesy of

  • theres a car and pickup under there. its still coming down pretty good.

  • Courtesy of

  • our beautiful snow covered trees

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • This is the tree outside our house in the Ward parkway/71st area.

  • Same tree in our yard AFTER the storm. (First photo uploaded earlier)

  • Very old tree in our yard

  • Courtesy of

  • Pic of one of the trees in my neighborhood that is being weighed down by the snow.

  • Snow took this canopy on my deck out, pretty heavy duty canvas canopy too.

  • This is my grandparent's house in Overland Park. A tree fell on the house, coming through the roof of the attic. Working to get it cleaned up now.

  • Trees drooping from the weight of the snow

  • Courtesy of

  • This little tree is sagging from all the wet snow.

  • The snow last week brought down the patio cover

  • Tree in the backyard along the creek that is almost ready to fall.

  • My Backyard. Kansas City, KS

  • in my back yard

  • Our poor tree

  • 67th St in Brookside

  • This tree hasn't completely fallen on to our truck, its just real heavy on that side. The branches on the other side, however, are broken.

  • Very old tree in our yard

  • With a house full of girls, we didn't even hear this tree in our front yard fall!~ This is Morgan,Abby,Sam & Lilly.

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • I heard the tree hit the house but it did not make much noise on impact. I did not realize what happened until I took the Dogs out side an hour later.

  • Courtesy of

Many people are not only looking at the roads and highways but also looking up at the power lines and trees on Tuesday. The heavy, wet snow is causing them to sag and break.

Some awoke to find trees on their decks and cars. If you have a picture of heavy trees or power lines, share them here in our photo gallery.

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