YOUR PICTURES: Creatures in the snow

Posted on: 12:23 pm, February 26, 2013, by , updated on: 07:40am, March 21, 2013

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  • My boxer and my mastiff. Max, the mastiff obviously did something to Lucy to annoy her.

  • my cat wont stay in the house, while i was shoveling he was exploring. But would only stay in the shoveled parts, so he didnt get his paws wet

  • The view from my back deck.

  • The view from my back deck.

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  • I took this photo of this beautiul red cardinal in my backyard enjoying the snow storm.

  • He loves to romp in the snow

  • One of our Siberian Huskies sitting on our patio table.

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  • Buster wanting to play.

  • My dog Sgt. will play catch in any kind of weather!

  • chihuahua not impressed - get me inside please

  • Cardinal perched in the snow

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • chasing snowballs!!:)

  • My husband and I have a landscaping company, Taylor Lawn & Landscaping, and while out pushing snow for the 1st blast the crew came across a coyote near 125th and Stateline.. pretty cool!

  • Our cavachon, Krystal, wondering where her potty area went after Feb 26, 2013 snowstorm in Oak Grove, MO.

  • Lucy wanting to be a big dog!

  • Our friendly squirrel tunneling in the snow for food.

  • Buddy and Cricket standing on the sidewalk that was shoveled once already, trying to decide whether or not to go in the deep snow. Buddy, the big black dog is very sick, weak and old and it has been very hard for him during all this. Cricket is a small older dog and it's a hard on her.

  • Beautiful cardinal in our tree line.

  • 2/26/13 - Our dogs Sasha and Leia enjoying the fresh snow today in Blue Springs, MO.

  • Brewer Family fun

  • our 4 month old lab playing in the foot of snow we got today.

  • dog overlooking snow scene

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • Caught this lil guy chowing down in the bird feed bucket this morning on our front porch in Odessa.

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • watching 10-15 birds take turns at the brick I also threw bread out to them

  • woke up this morning to this

  • King is a very large dog who usually loves running through the snow. Not today, I guess!

  • Courtesy of

  • Courtesy of

  • Cosmo

  • This is Lighting, he is just trying to get some breakfast ( hay ) this morning. UGH !

  • Our dog Zaphod (zay-fod), named for the Douglas Adams character, after his morning walk in the snow.

  • Courtesy of

  • Chinks chasing the snow. He won't stay inside!!!

  • Bear loves to eat snow. He was so happy to wake up to fresh snow again. He'd love too see his picture on TV.

  • My dog loves the snow :)

  • Courtesy of

  • Out @ Wyandotte County lake, looking for some winter photos before the storm hit today. Saw these guys struting around, then, up popped two deer.(next photo to follow this)

  • New snow keeps everyone inside except Denahi, he loves the snow and can't help but play in it.

  • The bigger dogs were fine with the 9" snowfall, but this is the only way the mini-Dachshund could get around.

  • Luigi loves the snow!

  • He is loving it!

  • Courtesy of

  • Josie loves her snowballs, but this pic looks like she is 'hurling' the snow!!

  • boy and pup loves sledding

  • pieces of jake's new guitarist

  • Going fishing at Lake Lotawana by the McGuire Family

  • Maizie posing for the camera just long enough to freeze her tongue off

  • My room mate Mike made this snow dog yesterday!

  • Harley is waiting to show Santa Claus his Santa suit.

  • Charlie & Patches modeling the latest winter fashion to humor me.

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