Joe’s Wx Blog: The storm finally gives up!

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Well yesterday I wrote two weather blogs for you…I figured since I was promoting the blog so much during the crazy weather of the last week or so, and also through the leadup to said crazy weather…it would be a good idea to keep the momentum going. Alas though for reasons unknown all my words in the blogs were disappearing after being posted, I tried twice spent about two hours total and was so worn down to begin with that I finally punted for the day and figured it was a sign to take a big nap, which I did.

Now that I finished napping, I thought I’d get back to what I did write yesterday which mainly involved a lot of unusual snowfall statistics that I did end up tweeting out yesterday morning (@fox4wx on Twitter)…see another great use of Twitter that I love!

So let’s recap what has happened in the last 7 days…we had a major, record setting snowstorm last Thursday then 5 days later we had another record setting snowstorm. Our monthly total for February is now up to 20.5″ trailing FEB 1960 (20.7″) as the snowiest FEB in KC weather history. Now that’s impressive. We’ve had 20.3″ of snow in one weeks time, as a matter of fact makes it the 2nd snowiest 7 day period in KC weather history as well. the record still is 25.3″ back in March of 1912. The snow total in our most recent storm of 11″ made this storm the biggest storm since 1993.

So how does this month rank in terms of the snowiest months in KC…right now we’re @ #7…

MAR 1912: 40.2″

JAN 1962: 30.5″

MAR 1960: 29.3″

JAN 1930: 22.2″

JAN 1898: 21.9″

FEB 1960: 20.7″

FEB 2013: 20.5″

With our seasonal total of 25.2″ of snow we’ve now had more than 6 times the snow of last winter!

The forecasting of this past storm was pretty darn good I think. We correctly identified the models continued OVER estimation of liquid precipitation which we then try to figure out and covert over to snowfall accumulations. Buying the models verbatim would’ve lead to widespread areas of 20+” ff snowfall. Instead there were only some areas that seemed to hit the snow “jackpot” to the SE of the downtown area namely out towards Lees Summit as well as through Johnson Co, MO where the Warrensburg area had close to 15″ of snow. The forecast wasn’t perfect and they never are but I think the meteorologists were breathing a sigh of relief that for the most part things worked out as expected.

Here is a map that the NWS created showing the accumulations…

ScreenHunter_17 Feb. 28 00.14

Now that most people have their power back, a lot of emails I’ve gotten , are asking if the drought is over with. The answer surprisingly is no it’s not. With that said, we’ve put a significant dent in it, as a matter of fact, and perhaps our friend Mike from Liberty will chime in if he’s not exhausted from snow-removal, the snow that we’ve had should slowly seep into the soil and deep charge it over the next 10 days with the melting process. with that said, all this will go for naught IF we don’t get our average springtime rainfall. We’ll again dry out VERY quickly by summer like last year. Remember last winter we actually had more precip than average but it turned off in April and that’s when we really started to slide down the drought road. so again now we’re in a position to go into spring in good shape but we still need to get that springtime moisture to set up for the summertime infrequent rainfall tendencies that we’re more known for.

The new drought report will come out today and I’ll try and blog about it on Friday as time permits. Today I’m heading up to a seminar at the NWS Training Center which will involve working with various NWS entities as well as the Emergency Managers in the region and also it will involve some of my colleagues at the other stations here in KC as well. I’m sure there will be a lot of swapping stories about the last week of crazy weather in KC.

One final note…another colleague of mine mentioned on twitter that it’s pretty rare for us to have thundersnow in any winter season…let alone 2 different thundersnow events in just a 5 days span. My guess is that has never happened before in KC weather history.

Have a great day and enjoy the break in the weather!


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