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Students become food critics for the day

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Every day at Kansas City, Kan. public schools about 11,000 breakfasts and 16,000 lunches are served.  Those meals are about to get a new twist.

Friday students at Kansas City, Kan. public schools were the food critics deciding which items they'd like to add to their school meals- the catch?  It was all nutritious!

"We want to build healthy habits for the longevity of their life," said Karla Robinson, the Director of Nutritional Services at Kansas City, Kan. public schools.

The critics gave the healthy entrees five golden spoons.

"I think it's all delicious and good," said 4th grader, Sidney Garcia.

"I like junk food because it tastes good, and the teriyaki chicken was good for you and tastes good at the same time," said 5th grader, Kelestin Siscoe.

Some of the favorites were teriyaki chicken and ice cream, but kids even happily ate the kale chips.  Requirements for school lunches set by the U.S.D.A. call for healthier options than ever before.

Karla Robinson says she's also bringing in farm-fresh produce to make sure kids get the best food possible.

"Being in an urban school district, we never know if that's the most well-balanced meal that that student has, so it's very important that they have a well-balanced meal," Robinson said.

So far the kids seem to like the changes.

"I think it's like a step to taking a healthy life instead of having just like junk food in your house, you can have healthy things," said Teneill Childers, a 4th grader.

Here's how the voting process worked:
If kids liked a food, they dropped a green ticket in a box, and if they didn't, they dropped a red ticket in a box, the foods with the most green tickets may get a spot on the menu.
All the foods presented Friday fit the nutritional and budgetary restrictions for the district.
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