Joe’s Wx Blog: Winter returns

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Well the thunder and the rain came back last night and the rainwas impressive, mostly towards the east on the MO side as Pleasant Hill Doppler radar indicates this AM with rainfall amounts over 3-4″ well towards the east of the KC Metro area. Here are some ground truth reports from around the KC Metro area…first the northside…

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 18 09.30

Now lets move a little farther southwards…

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 18 09.30

and finally the southside of the Metro…

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 18 09.30

Here is what the doppler radar estimates are from the system.

In the big scheme of things there wasn’t a lot of severe weather…and only a few reports of tornados with this transition.

Notice the big void in our area.

There is a higher risk of severe weather across the OH Valley today and already as of this writing there are Tornado watches in effect well east of our region.

Now the focus is on the cold weather that has settled back into the region as expected.

Temperatures are in the upper 30s now and will struggle all day long. The numbers in RED on the following map show the temperatures as of 7AM this morning…

Notice the upper 20s in NE…that cold air moves in overnight.

The good news is that we should moderate over the weekend somewhat!

Have a great day…


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