Joe’s Wx Blog: Snow winds down but may come back

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Well with a cold rain now moving through the region again, this miserable early May weather continues as we put to bed this potentially historic May snowstorm. Not only did KC break a record yesterday with 1/2″ of snow, the record today will stand with officially a trace by the way but the state of MO likely had a record amount of snow in the month of May. There are reports off towards the east of the KC Metro area of 4-6″ of snow and there is also photo evidence of this as well. The highest report that has come into Pleasant Hill is 6″ about 7 miles south of Warrensburg.

Here is some photo proof of over 5″ near Lexington, MO from Phillip Sutterfield

The current record for MO is 4.5″ per the NCDC (National Climatic Data Center). This occurred in Bethany, MO. There is an unofficial report of 5″ in the past according to the NWS in Pleasant Hill from the same storm.

Here is a picture from Princeton, MO from Karen Taul…

ScreenHunter_02 May. 03 13.05

According to the NWS FB page, there are some reports of 6″ in Milan, MO as well…with pictures as well. Roads out east of KC are slushy and along 65 highway out towards Pettis county and Saline county it’s slick in areas.

Here is what the storm did in our region…


Not only may have MO set a state record, but as I mentioned yesterday MN, WI, IA and even AR may be/or is joining the party as well. Pretty incredible. The other aspect of this is the cold weather too…which adds insult to injury. Take a look at the temperatures from 11AM this morning showing the departures from average in the middle third of the country. You can clearly see who’s warm and who’s really cold for early May!

ScreenHunter_01 May. 03 12.42

So with all that said, where are we going from here…here is a new timeline that reveals the weekend may not be too terrible, and by Sunday we could warm-up nicely again.

Rest of today and tonight: Moisture from the SE of KC will be rotating back into the area. This means more rain moving from the SE to the NW. Temperatures will drop a couple of degrees this afternoon into the mid to upper 30s or so. There may be a few flakes of snow in spots as well. No accumulations expected for the rest of the day/night.

Saturday. We may actually start to dry out, especially later in the AM hours into the afternoon. While sunshine would be limited at best, and any sunshine that comes out will create new instability showers on the MO side that would move westwards. With that said we should be able to make it to 50-55° I think…assuming we can get a few cracks in the clouds.

Sunday: Hopefully a much better day with sunshine and temperatures bouncing back into the 60s…I should mention that IF we can warm up into to the 60s…let’s say 65°+ there could be some scattered afternoon showers-t/showers in the heat of the afternoon and early evening. Right now I’d place our chance at 25% or so.

Monday through Wednesday of next week: Let’s try to start springtime again shall we with highs back into the 70s…

That’s it for today…have a wonderful weekend and I’ll update the blog again tomorrow.

Here is the AM blog below….

Our incredible May snowstorm is winding down for the time being and today will just be a dreary, and at times wet day, in the region. Most of the snow is also winding down towards the east of the KC area.

Accumulations (more on this later) were in the 1-3″ range on grassy surfaces and in the 2-4″ range off towards the east of here. It seems Lafayette County was one of the areas that had the most solid accumulations.

We’re actually not that far away from having great weather from a sunshine point of view. Take a look at the latest satellite picture from this AM…showing the sunshine not far to the west of here.

the problem is as our upper level storm increases today to the south of the region, it will pull the moisture back to the west and keep us in the gray. It’s so close though. As a matter of fact as areas to the west warm up today, some of that warmth may undercut the clouds in place here and allow temperatures to get into the 40s, especially on the fringe of the back side of the clouds.

As the storm winds up, rain developing to the SE of the KC area, will also start to back up during the day today and move to the NW and move through the KC area as well. So keep an umbrella with you. Tonight however as the air cools down, especially from KC southwards, there may be some snow mixing into the rain again. At this point I’m not expecting any accumulations with whatever map happen later today or tonight.

More in a full afternoon blog today.


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