Convention draws thousands of book lovers to Kansas City

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS City, Mo. -- New York Times best-selling authors, aspiring writers and book lovers from around the world are in Kansas City this week.  Nearly 2,000 readers and writers will attend the five-day R.T. Booklovers convention.

On Saturday, the convention opened to the public for a giant book fair with hundreds of authors.  It was the perfect weather to stay inside and curl up with a good book.  And thousands came to rub elbows with those who write them.

"They get to meet these authors that they have read every book they've printed and they have a collection and they bring in," explained Jocarol Jones, the convention director.  "We're checking in books.  People bring in suitcases filled with books they want signed."

Organizers say the convention is the mecca for both readers and writers, drawing people from around the globe, including Australia, Thailand, Brazil and England.

During the convention, aspiring writers take workshops and attend seminars.  Authors come to the convention for different reasons.

"America has the biggest most vibrant romance community, so we'd like to be part of it please," said Sue Moorcroft, an author attending Saturday's events.

Jude Deveraux, the author of 37 New York Times best-sellers, said coming to the convention in Kansas City helps her stay relevant.

"It's very important to stay current with what's going on and what's changing.  What the younger people want.  You can't just keep writing the same thing you wrote back in 1978," she told FOX 4 News.

So who cares it outside it doesn't feel like spring.  The bookworms were happy staying inside with a good read.

"This is my first year and I will definitely go back again," said Lila Johnson, a new writer.

The convention organizers told FOX 4 they sold out the Sheraton Hotel and hundreds of other rooms at the neighboring Westin Crown Center.

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