Joe’s Wx Blog: Cool Spring=cool Summer?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

So let’s follow up with what I talked about yesterday in terms of this Spring to date (5/4) being tied with 1984 for the coolest Spring in KC weather history.

One of the comments yesterday on the blog was about the the rainfall patterns of that summer…and locally at least there wasn’t anything deciphered from the data…as a matter of fact it was somewhat drier than average with close to 10″ (very dry August <1″). From a temperature standpoint…the data revealed that we were close to average as well from a temperature standpoint.


ScreenHunter_20 May. 07 07.55

The biggest takeaway is the much cooler than average weather across the SW part of the country which was the result of it appears a higher than average season for the monsoons. Also not the cooler than average weather across the SE part of the country. Just for the heck of it I looked at the hurricane season that summer…and there was no activity at all in the Gulf Of Mexico except for one relatively weak tropical Storm (Edouard) that lasted for about 2 days in the FAR SW Bay of Campeche. Also interesting that there was only one Carribean storm as well (Klaus) and that didn’t develop till November.

I really don’t think this means much at all, but it is interesting. From a historical perspective the NWS in Pleasant Hill sent out this image the other day, showing how close the various Midwestern cities are to being at there all time coolest from 3/1-5/4…


You’ll notice KC was a 1 and St Joe was 2nd coolest in that time period. Also a bunch of cities in ND are at their coolest levels as well for the start to Spring. Odds are this is NOT how the entire Spring will play out, with another 3 weeks or so to go in meteorological Spring and warmer temperatures finally at hand.

With that said there is another chilly shot of air heading this way over the weekend. While not widespread looking, for gardeners be alert to the potential of some patchy frost on Sunday AM…it does appear that we may then see a brief surge of some hotter weather next week (Tuesday?)

That’s it for today…small blog for a beautiful Tuesday in KC!


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