Twins bike and longboard through Missouri

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Twin brothers from Rock Port, Mo., are on a trek across Missouri that is proving to be so much more demanding, but also more rewarding than they imagined.

Tracy and Travis Morgan are 21-years old. They grew up in Branson and are headed back there now from Rock Port, Mo., north of St. Joseph.

Tracy travels by bike, Travis by longboard. They sleep in tents or in a hotel if the weather is especially bad. People in different communities have also given them a place to stay.

Tracy came up with the idea, or a version of it, when he was in the military. He wanted to run across the United States. When he came back and told his brother about his idea, Travis was ‘on board’, but Travis’ mentor encouraged him to start off with a trip through Missouri instead of the entire country.

They switched from running to biking and longboarding down the state.

“It really came out to be a big sense of adventure and it’s just been one round of fun after the next,” said Tracy.

Their goal is to travel 17 miles a day, but many days they go beyond that.

Even more impressive, Travis Morgan built his longboard by hand.

“No power tools, nothing,” bragged his brother.

“Going downhill’s easy. Going uphill’s walking,” said Travis Morgan.

They hope to arrive back home in Branson mid-month.

“It has been so much more than I thought it would be. Physically as well.. as far as the people we’ve met everybody from Rock Port, Mo., to here,” said Travis Morgan. “I could tell you some fantastic stories about the way people have helped us and just showed their kindness through themselves and with God.”

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