Family believes hospital made fatal mistake

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Editor's note: Please note this story was published on May 9, 2013

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two Kansas City parents say their hearts are empty after taking their 7-year-old daughter to Children's Mercy Hospital. The young girl never made it back home.

A table is lined with photos of 7-year-old Cy'Rae Kinney. There are "get well" cards from classmates who expected her back at school.

Her parents said she was a beautiful and "healthy" little girl. But Sunday, she had been complaining that her legs hurt.

"She couldn't walk. She couldn't stand up or anything," her father, Davon Kinney said.

Kinney rushed his daughter to Children's Mercy Hospital. He was told she had a muscle spasm and was sent home without a prescription. But when her symptoms worsened, he sent her back later that night, along with her mother, to see the doctor.

"He came in the room with with a little ultrasound machine and he said one of her hips measured out to a 45 and the other was a 58 and it was a viral infection and that she would have to fight it off herself," said Cynesia Washington, the girl's mother.

Parents say Cy'Rae was then discharged a second time. Her father monitored her Monday and tried to manage her symptoms which didn't improve.

She went back to the hospital on Tuesday and ended up having surgery to remove fluid that had built up in her hip. When she came out of surgery, the young girl said she was still in pain.

"'They gave her the pain medicine and that's when, she lost it, just lost it," Washington said.

By Tuesday evening, Cy'Rae was dead. Her parents believe the hospital over-medicated her. They also believe that if the hospital hadn't continued to send her home she might still be alive.

"Somebody needs to pay for it," her father said. "It doesn't make no sense that we go there for help. We go through the procedures that we're supposed to go through and we don't get the help that we need."

Kinney tried to get to the bottom of it by picking up medical records on Wednesday. However, he was told he would have to wait 2 weeks.

FOX 4 contacted Children's Mercy but they would not acknowledge that Cy'Rae was ever a patient.