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Plastic surgery on the rise as people seek perfect profile pic

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How far would you go to have the perfect profile pic? Would you consider a little nip-tuck? Maybe a little Botox?

According to a poll from the American Academy of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery, surgeons say they’re seeing a 31 percent increase in plastic surgery requests as a result of how people want to present themselves on social media.

Doctors say, ‘We live in a very visual world, and have come to expect that we will be `Googled` or `Facebooked` before actually meeting someone face-to-face — socially or professionally.’

Surgeons say they see a lot of men and women who are executives or high-profile people who are in the public eye. Their photos get taken all the time and they never know where they may end up. Throw in high-definition television, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and suddenly your digital appearance is a big deal.

Surgeons say it’s definitely a driving force for the increase in cosmetic procedures — from Botox to neck lifts.

A survey done by Shape magazine last month found that 42 percent of people reported that social media made them feel less confident about their looks.

While plastic surgery is a drastic approach to get a better profile pic, some people are doing it. Others admit to Photoshopping their pictures before posting them.

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