Joe’s Wx Blog: Video from inside an EF3-4 tornado (must see!)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Most of the metro escaped any nasty weather overnight, the roughest stuff was north of KC…and again hail, wind and especially heavy rainfall fell across N MO where some places have had over 6″ of rain in the last several days. The heaviest rain last night was in the 1-2″ range, especially along the US 36 corridor towards and east of St Joe. Here is a look at Doppler estimates showing the amount of rainfall overnight in N MO.

ScreenHunter_06 May. 28 07.13

Now let’s look at the region over the past 48 hours…

ScreenHunter_07 May. 28 07.15

again notice that the heaviest of rainfall is NE of the KC area, although yesterday KCI set a daily rainfall record for 5/27 with over 2.25″ of rain!

Severe weather yesterday was mainly clustered across the KS/NE state line area…and while there weren’t a lot of tornadoes there were some impressive ones…

Reed Timmer and the folks at were out towards Cora, KS and caught this big wedge tornado in the open fields…

another impressive chase by the folks @

Typically most people avoid these things at all costs, but a group of chasers actually want to be as close to, if not inside, one of these destructive beasts and build special transportation to allow them to get as close as possible and still survive. Last night another group did just this and the following video is crazy, insane, amazing, bizarre and unique.

Sean Casey and Brandon Ivey were in the TIV2 vehicle (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) and while filming a close encounter actually went inside the tornado. The do a lot of work for the IMAX folks and apparently recorded 2:30 minutes of IMAX footage of this. The video that follows is NOT that footage but it’s pretty darn close. Their wind instruments blew away when the winds were 150-175 MPH…basically EF3-4 strength. There are a lot of things happening in the video as well, but look closely at around the 1:30 mark and you can see the tornado move in front of them. They tweeted out that they’ve never seen/been through anything like this before and after watching the video they are lucky to be alive. Take a look!

As far as our weather goes, while the atmosphere is juicy with moisture, there isn’t a lot to actually trigger anything but scattered storms over the next couple of days. So while the chance of rain is not eliminated, at this point it looks to be very scattered for the KC area. The better chances will arrive on THU and into FRI it appears before we dry out over the weekend and cool way down as well.

I should mention that IF any storms were to fire up over the next few days, there will be a risk of some winds and hail approaching severe limits. I think at this point I’ll keep the FOX 4 Severe Weather Potential Index @ a 4 for now and see about bringing it back up a bit tomorrow. The risk of severe weather will diminish over the weekend. So basically it’s now through Friday that we’ll watch for active weather.

With such a juicy atmosphere, the potential for additional flooding rainfall will be there as well into Friday. Take a look at the forecasted rain totals through the week.

That’s it for today. Have a great Tuesday!


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